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Your pool is incomplete without a reliable swimming pool pump attached. A pool pump is the necessary circulation system that works with your filter to keep your pool waters clean, clear and sanitary year-round. Fortunately, installing a new pool pump with a filter can be incredibly easy if you have the right tools and know the proper steps. 

Here is a complete guide on how to install a swimming pool pump at home. 

1. Choose Your Pump

The first step is finding the right pump for your swimming pool. Consider the size of your pool and the pump's efficiency before you purchase. You should also take your time to find a reliable pool pump supplier. The SWB series High-Efficiency Pool Pumps and the SWP series Energy Saving Pool Pumps are both wonderful choices. 

SWP series Energy Saving Pool Pumps

2. Choose Location of Your Pool Pump Filter

Next, select the location of your pool pump. This is pretty easy if you have an existing pool pump that needs replacing. Simply install the new pump in its previous position. Try to keep your equipment at the level of the pool or lower, if you palace it higher than the water level, it can put a lot of strain on your pump. 

3. Switch Off the Power Supply

Now you can go ahead and switch off the power supply. Never do any installation or repair work with your swimming pool with the power switched on. 

4. Position Your Pump and Pool Filter

Next, you want to position your pool pump and filter in the right place. Remember, your water will run from the pool to the pump, then to the pool filter, and back to the pool. So, position your pool pump and filter accordingly. 

The suction line of your pool should connect with the inlet of your pump, the outlet from your pump should connect to the inlet of your filter and the outlet of your filter should connect back to the inlet skimmer of your pool. Once in position, you should drill your pump into the ground base using bolts. 

5. Connect the Fittings

Now you need to connect the fittings of your pump using a pipe and hose clamps. You may need to use an all-purpose glue, such as a PVC weld, to connect the joints together. Start by first connecting your pump inlet tube to the pool suction tube. Make sure the pipe you are using is the right size. Add sufficient glue and connect it to the inlet and into the pump. PVC weld tends to dry quickly, so make sure your pipes are the correct size before starting. 

In the same way, connect your outlet pipe to the pump using a second pipe. Add the hose clamps and tighten them all nicely. 

6. Connect the Electricals

With your pump set up, you can connect it to your electrical system. Feed the wires into the electrical box setup, so they connect to your swimming pool pump. 

7. Prime Your Pump

Finally, you need to prime your pool pump. Priming supplies your pool with enough water, so it can kickstart circulation. It will also remove any trapped air before water from the pool rushes in. For this, remove the lid of your pump, take out the gasket and fill it in with water. Now make sure your return lines and suction lines are open. 

Once done, switch on the pump and let it run. Look out for any irregular buildup of air. If the water runs naturally, you are all done with your pool filter system!

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