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Your pool pump is one of the most critical parts of your pool circulation system. It helps filter your swimming pool water so it is free of contaminants, dirt and other solid debris. It further allows the thorough mix of cleaners and chlorine in the water. If you are installing a new swimming pool pump in your backyard, you should first understand how these machines work. 

How Does a Pool Pump System Work

Structure of the Pool Pump System

Before you can understand how the pool pump works, you must first study the structure of the pool pump. The outside of the pool pump is usually made from high-impact plastic composite. Inside the pool pump, you will find a plastic or brass impeller connected to a shaft that is supplied power by the electric pump motor. The impeller is the only moving part of the pump which will propel your water at high speeds. 

You will also find an inner pump basket which is used to collect any debris or solid contaminants before the water enters the impeller system. This will prevent the debris from damaging the impeller system. 

How Does It Work?

Here is how your pool pump works.

1.Water is Drawn from the Pool

To start, water is first drawn in from the pool through the skimmer and the main drain near the bottom of the pool. 

2.Water Enters the Inlet Valve

Next, the water flows into the pump through the inlet valve. This movement is driven by the suction created by the pool pump. The pump will provide enough pressure to pull in water and relay it to the filter.


3.Pump Relays Water to the Filter

Water enters the pump and is first filtered by the pump basket. The basket will help remove solid leaves, dirt, or other contaminants from your pool water. Once done, it will pass on to the impeller system. The impeller inside the pump will push the water with higher velocity before relaying it to the filter. 

Once it reaches the filter, it will be filtered again to remove smaller contaminants that may have been left out. For this step, you may use a DE filter, a sand filter, or a cartridge filter. 

Pool King Commercial Sand Filter

4.Water Flows from the Filter to the Heater 

Once the water is filtered thoroughly, the filter will relay this water to the heater system (if you have any). The heater will warm up the pool water for you. The most popular types of pool heaters you may use include electric heaters, gas heaters, and propane heaters.

5.Water Returns to Pool

Finally, the filtered and warm water is returned to the pool through its return jets. This process will continue in a cycle until all your pool water is filtered and heated. 

Final Thoughts

Your swimming pool pump operates in a very simple fashion and is easy enough to understand. By knowing how your pool pump works, you are better positioned to identify signs of damage or repair work needed. By maintaining your pool pump, you can keep a consistent flow of clean and healthy water for your swimming pool.

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