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Your swimming pool pump is the central circulation system of your pool. Without it, your swimming pool waters wouldn't be fit for swimming. But your pool pump must first be primed for it to work correctly. If you are not familiar with priming and how it works, check out the simple step to step guide we have provided below.

Why You Need To Prime Your Pool Pump?

Priming your pool pump will help remove any trapped air from the pump system and make sure it is filled with water before it is switched on. Priming will give the system enough water to kick-start the circulation process. 

If your pump is filled with air and runs dry, there is a chance it may lead to mechanical failure or even damage to the surrounding fixtures of your pool. This is why priming the pool pump is necessary. 

priming the pool pump

How to Prime Your Pool Pump?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to prime a pool pump.

1. Switch Off Pump

Start by first turning off your pool pump. Never do maintenance work with your pump system before turning off the power supply. 

2. Switch Multiport Valve to Recirculate

Now, you must switch the multiport valve (usually at the top of your pump) to "recirculate." This will direct water into the pump and back to the pool, bypassing the filter. 

3. Open Air Relief Valve

Next, see the air pressure relief valve on the top of your filter and open it to release any excess air pressure inside. 

4. Clean Pump Basket

Now, open up the pump lid and take out the basket inside. You may notice dirt, debris, and other particles collected inside the basket. Remove these particles, as they may hinder water flow through the pump, and wash the basket well with a garden hose. You should also take your time to inspect it for any signs of wear and tear. 

5. Fill in the Pump Basket

Place the clean pump basket inside the pump once again. Now, use the garden hose to fill in the pump basket and place the lid onto it once again. 

6. Switch Pump On

With the pool pump filled with water, go ahead and switch on the pump system. Your pump may show spurts of water flow in the first 30 seconds, but quickly change into a consistent flow. If your water continues to run inconsistently, you may need to redo the steps or check the pool pump for signs of damage. 

7. Final Sweep

Once your water pressure seems to be doing fine, you are all done! Make sure to check your poolside as well. If everything runs smoothly, close the air pressure release valve you opened earlier. Depending on how long your swimming pool pump remained dry, it may take more than one try to get it primed. 

self-priming pool pump by PoolKing

Final Thoughts

Follow the steps we have outlined above to successfully prime your pool pump. Priming your pool pump can be a fairly simple project and can be done in as little as 5 minutes. If you are still unsure about the process or are worried about handling it yourself, you can always contact a professional. You can also invest in a self-priming pool pump by PoolKing that won't require manual priming. 

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