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Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.
  • Regular FAQ
  • 1 .Why no water comes out when the pump is working ?

    a. Power failure or motor protection tripped
    b. Pump doesn't vent
    c. Pump doesn't fill the water
    d. Suction line/hose leaking
    e. Transparent cover not properly installed - check filter basket - even bolts
    f . Inlet suction process is too large g.) Total resistance loss exceeds the allowable range of the pump - recalculate the required pressure
    h. Mechanical shaft seal leakage

  • 2. How choose a right pump ?

    Bigger is not always better when it comes to pool pumps. A pool pump that is too large can hinder filtration and can even damage a pool’s filter and/or heater. It is therefore very important to know the size of a pool before purchasing a pool pump. If there is additional equipment (such as water features) installed into the pool, it will have to be taken it into account when deciding what size pump is going to be purchased. The more equipment is installed into a pool, the more powerful the pump needs to be.
    It is important to consult with a pool equipment expert, such as Poolking's Pumps, before buying a pool pump. The team at Poolking will be able to give our customers professional advice regarding the size of the pump they will need to purchase.

  • 3. Do you know how to clean the filter sand regularly ?

    After about 5~10days ,or when the reading of the pressure gauge on the pump side of the filter has increased by about 0.2bars since the last backwash , backwash the filter as follows:
    1. Stop the pump
    2.Close the valves on the suction and return lines.
    3.Open the cover of the pump and empty the filter gasket .
    4.Refit the cover
    5.Open the valve to the drain outlet
    6.Turn the lever to BACKWASH
    7. Open the valves to the suction and return lines.
    8.Start the pump .Rinse the filter for about 1 to 2 minutes until the water in the sight glass is clear .
    NOTE : Any electric heater must be off .
    9. Stop the pump
    10. Turn the lever to RINSE , start the pump and rinse for about 15~30 seconds. Stop the pump and turn the lever to FILTER . This is the normal operating position .
    11. Close the drain outlet valve and start the pump . Switch on the electric heater if any .

  • 4. Why fiberglass instead of steel ?

    Using non metallic components fiberglass pressure tanks are rapidly replacing steel tanks in numerous applications. Fiberglass vessels offer several advantages in comparison with steel vessels .
    Fiberglass vessels have a mechanical and chemical resistance superior to steel . Fiberglass tanks do not rust or corrode and are able to withstand damage from many types of water treatment chemicals.

  • 5.Does a sand filter can use both silica sand and activated carbon together?

    ----Yes, they can. Silica sand is mainly used for filtration, while activated carbon is mainly used for adsorption. Silica sand is effective for higher water quality requirements. When use them together, silica sand should be placed on the bottom layer, and then activated carbon should be filled on the sand, but the cost of using two media is much higher.

  • 6.Poolking's products are not cheap, but why its annual sales can increase 50% every year to defeat other small players ?

    ----Poolking utilize serval world class production machines to produce the products, and strict quality control system for each products. It treats a small flaw with zero tolerance.
    Not only good quality products, but also fast and satisfying after sales service for clients. Let the clients enjoy the clear water and comfortable services.
    If Poolking’s products are same quality than others but higher prices, how can Poolking survive ? However Poolking can defeat other players and seize more market share.
    Poolking is your best choice!

  • 7.How Poolking control the products quality, how many testing before packing?

    ---Poolking has a professional Quality Control team to guarantee each product is 100% inspected before packing. For example when the filter inner tank comes out, they will make a first water testing before bobbin wounding. After installation all the connections or manhole & sightglass, they will make the second water testing. During the packing procedure, QC team will inspect all the details like wounding, neck, internal resin and so on to make sure no leaking and without flaw.

  • 8.If your products have something wrong that can’t work normally, how to maintain it properly?

    Poolking’s sand filter warranty is 3 years for fiberglass filter,2 years for plastic filter.During the warranty period,if the filters parts have any damage,we can judge the factors according to the photos or videos, then we can offer free parts to replace. If the filters are damaged badly,we will provide a new one.
    The pumps and lights are 1 year warranty,the method is same as filters.

  • 9. What is the frequency to replace the silica sand of a sand filter?

    ----It is best to replace the silica sand of sand filters every 1-2 years for the following reasons:
    a During backwashing, the filtration bed volume will expand upwards by 1.2 to 1.3 times. The water flow will drive the filtration layer to flow up and down, causing the filtration material particles to collide with each other. Backwash will let the small sand evacuate.
    b.Some silica sands will be welded when the acid and alkali are changed due to insufficient purity;
    Therefore, the longer the time, the worse the filtering effect of the sand tank. Since backwashing will consume and take away some sand, we need to replace the sand in the sand tank within the specified period.

  • 10.If I have a pool,how can I choose a set of suitable equipment ?

    a.Firstly you can tell me the pool size such as wide, length and depth.The circulation period is 4 hours,then we can use the pool volume divide by 4 to know the flow rate.Based on this we can know choose the suitable model for sand filter and pump.
    b.Usually 4 meters can install a pool light.Both ends of the pool can install the ladders.
    The basic filtration equipment can be chosen like above method.The other accessories can be fixed according to the using environment and requirement.

  • Regular FAQ


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