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You want your pool to be in shape before the summer heat kicks in. There are plenty of things to take care of, small renovations, cleanups, and of course, making sure your pool pump is working right. 

But what exactly is a swimming pool pump? What does it do? And why does your pool need one? Read on to find out!

What Is A Pool Pump?

A pool pump is a type of mechanism installed next to your pool that allows for proper circulation of pool water. It is usually composed of a motor that will give driving power to the inner mechanism, the impeller. The impeller is the rotating component that accelerates the flow of water, and the hair and lint trap that will take away any stray hairs or lint particles from the water. 

Essentially, the pool pump will draw in water from the pool and pass it through the hair and lint trap. This is passed on to the impeller, whose circulating shaft will ensure filtered water is drawn back to the pool. 

A Pool Pump

What Does A Pool Pump Do?

A pool pump system is one of the most important parts of your pool. There are two main functions that a pool pump performs.

1. Helps Circulate and Disinfect Water

The most important function of a pool pump is to help circulate the water. This is crucial when you are pouring any disinfectant into your pool. Unless they are properly spread out through the pool waters, there is a high chance several bacteria may remain behind. A pump for the pool will help properly circulate the water and disinfectant evenly throughout the pool to sanitize all your pool water. 

2. Drives Water for Filtration

The next important function of a pool pump is to aid in water filtration. Swimming in a pool can lead to the buildup of stray hair and lint from our clothes. The water pump mechanism consists of an impeller that accelerates the water right after it passes through a lint and hair trap. This will help prevent debris from being stuck in the impeller and simultaneously filter your water. You should empty the hair and lint basket at least once every two weeks. 

But this function alone is insufficient to keep your water clean. Pools also use special filters, such as pool sand filters, to keep their water free from debris. Again, you will need a pump for the pool to drive water to this pool filter in order for filtration to actually occur. 

Why Do You Need A Pool Pump?

If you start swimming in a pool with its pump switched off, you may see fallen leaves, debris, and even small insects that have fallen onto the surface of water. Swimming in such waters can be a nightmare of its own. 

For a truly refreshing swim experience, you want to keep your waters looking clean and clear. This is why you should add a pool pump to your pool to keep these contaminants away. 

keep your waters looking clean and clear

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