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If you want to enjoy clean, healthy swimming waters in your pool, you need to invest in a quality pool filter. There are many varieties of pool filters, including cartridge, sand, and DE filters. Cartridge pool filters are one of the most popular variants. They use a cloth-like material in the form of pleats to act as a filtering agent for your water. Any water running through is immediately cleared of dirt, debris, and other solid contaminants. 

But with so many suppliers out there, it may be difficult to decide on the best cartridge pool filter for your pool. 

Top Cartridge Pool Filters

To help you in your selection, check out some of the top cartridge pool filters we have selected below:

1. Poolking Single Element Cartridge Filter for Residential Pools

The Poolking Single Element Cartridge Filter is perfect for pools in residential areas. It has a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to install. The outer tank is also UV resistant and waterproof, so it doesn’t degrade under the effects of the sun and water. The inner pool filter cartridge can easily be accessed by removing the heavy-duty ring lock lid. 

Poolking Single Element Cartridge Filter

As for water filtration quality, this pool cartridge filter can efficiently filter out contaminants that are around 20 microns, which makes it one of the best filters for residential pools. You can use it for all types of water filtration, including salt waters, mineral waters, and freshwater pools. It comes in several heights ranging from 368 mm-1268 mm, so you can easily find the right fit for your pool size. 

2. Poolking Fiberglass Cartridge/Diatomaceous Filter

The Poolking Fiberglass Cartridge/Diatomaceous Filter is a convertible filter that can give you the best of both worlds. You can get superior filter quality due to its dual filter functioning. The filter features a UV-resistant filament wound fiberglass tank equipped with a 6-way multiport valve. The top tank opening allows for easy removal or replacement of cartridges and SE elements as needed. 

Like other models, this also comes in several heights running from 965 mm-1270 mm. The pool filter is also equipped with a hose bib drain valve that allows for quick debris removal away from the mechanical areas of the pool cartridge filter for easier cleanup. 

3. Krystal Clear™ Cartridge Filter Pump

Finally, we have the Krystal Clear™ Cartridge Filter Pump by Intex. This pool filter is known for its high pump flow rate (around 1000 gallons per hour), which makes it the ideal choice for large swimming pools. It has an incredibly easy installation setup; you simply hook it up using hoses and plug it in to start filtration. 

The pool cartridge filter carries an air release valve that will remove any air trapped inside the filter chamber to boost its lifespan. The filter is also extremely low maintenance; you simply have to clean the pool filter cartridges or replace them when needed to keep your filter running smoothly. 

Final Thoughts

There are many types of cartridge pool filters. Each type has its own pros and cons, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. For us, the Poolking Cartridge filter remains one of the best cartridge pool filters you can get. For best results, you should contact a pool professional to help you with your decision! 

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