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Pool cartridge fillers are simple machines; they don't require complicated electrical or digital setups and are easy to maintain. However, you will be surprised at how many issues you may potentially run into as a pool owner. Anyone issue can unravel and turn your efficient pool filter useless over time. 

Pool cartridge fillers

Common Pool Cartridge Filter Issues and Their Solutions

To help you out, we have enlisted some of the most common pool cartridge filter issues you may run into and how you can resolve them at home. 

1. Water Leaking

You may notice water leaking around your filter, particularly from the clamps holding your cartridge filter in place. The clamps are the thick metal bands that keep your filter in position. If they start to leak water, you may need to make some adjustments. 

Most clamps tend to loosen over time due to vibrations from the water passing through. You can fix this by opening up the filter (do this once you close your water pump) and properly securing the clamp around your cartridge pool filter. 

2. High Pressure

Your pool filter will have a pressure indicator over it, so keep an eye on the PSI reading from time to time. If you notice the pressure moving to an unnaturally higher level, there has to be some underlying issue with your filter that needs to be sorted out. Sometimes, pressure can build up due to the accumulation of debris in your filter. If that is the case, you need to clean your pool filter cartridge. 

If the pressure still doesn't go down, there may be other issues. Broken segments of the filter, broken or blocked return valves, or excessive wear and tear of the filter medium may be the cause. In this case, have a professional patch up these issues or replace the cartridge filter entirely. 

3. Low Pressure

Just as your pressure can go too high, it may also fall too low. If your pressure is running too low, it may be because of an obstruction in your pool that keeps water from reaching the pool cartridge filter. Check your pool pump strainer basket or impeller to see if it is clogged with leaves or larger debris. 

4. Grinding or Rumbling Sounds

This may be a larger underlying issue if you notice your cartridge pool filter making grinding, screeching, or rumbling sounds. Pool filters shouldn't make any loud noises as they run. The issue may lie in your pool pump. A pool pump with bad internal motor bearings may start pushing air into the filter. 

If you notice a lot of bubbles in the pool or loud noises from your pool filter, this may be the issue. If the pool pump seems to be running fine, the problem lies in your pool filter and should be inspected by an expert instead. The likely outcome would be that your filter needs to be replaced entirely. 

A pool pump

5. Poor Water Filtration

Finally, if you notice green or cloudy waters, it's safe to assume your filter isn’t doing its job well. This may be an indicator that the internal cartridge needs cleaning or replacement. Carefully open up your pool filter and look for signs of damage on your pool filter cartridge. If you notice excessive wear and tear, have it replaced. 

Final Thoughts

Many complications can arise from owning a cartridge pool filter, but with the right assessment, you can sort out most of these problems on your own. However, it is best to consult with a pool expert for more complex situations. 

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