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A cartridge pool filter is a type of pool filtration system that uses a mesh-like cartridge to filter dirt, debris, and other impurities from your swimming pool water. The pool filter cartridge is usually made of polyester mesh that can trap particles as small as 10 microns. 

They are essential to keep your swimming pool water clean, clear, and healthy. But before you can add such a filtration system to your pool, you should know how they work.

Structure of the Cartridge Pool Filter

Before learning how cartridge pool filters work, you should first understand how they are structured. 

cartridge pool filters

The cartridge pool filter consists of a filter tank made of fiberglass, stainless steel, or hard plastic, which is connected to an inlet and outlet pipe. The pool cartridge filter tank will also have a top lid held in place with a clamp. The inside of the tank carries replaceable cartridge rolls. 

These cartridge rolls are typically made of polyester, but can also be made of polypropylene. These materials tend to be resistant to water, chemicals, and UV radiation and are durable in nature. The cartridge will have a micron rating, showing the smallest sizes of particles they can remove; most cartridge filters can remove particles as small as 10 microns. 

On top of the pool cartridge filter, you will also have a pressure gauge that shows the internal pressure rating of the filter and the air relief valve, which allows you to release air pressure from the filter when needed. 

How Does a Cartridge Pool Filter Works?

Your swimming pool is first connected to a pool pump. This pump is then connected to a cartridge filter. The pump can therefore draw water from the pool and relay it to the filter. The filters' inlet pipe and let in the water to the cartridges. 

How Does a Cartridge Pool Filter Work

The cartridge mesh-like material will fit through the water and remove all dirt, debris, and other solid contaminants from the water. 

As the water is filtered, it is released through the outlet pipe. From here, you can connect your fitter to a heater (if you have one) or send the water back to your swimming pool. 

When choosing your cartridge pool filter, make sure you find the right size and capacity for your pool so it can efficiently filter the entirety of your pool waters. You may also need to clean your pool filter cartridges from time to time, as they can accumulate dirt and debris. To do so, you will remove it from the filter housing and rinse it with a garden hose. For better results, you may even submerge the pool filter cartridge in filter cleaning agents. 

After some period, these cartridges will have to be replaced by new pool filter cartridges to maintain quality filtration and prolong your filter lifespan. 

Final Thoughts

Cartridge pool filters are among the most popular and recommended for new pool owners and veterans alike. These filters demand little maintenance and work extremely well at keeping your pool waters clear. By learning how they work, you can better keep up with their installation, maintenance, and repairs. 

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