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If you have a pool, you know how important it is to keep the water clean. Taking proper care of your pool filter is key to ensuring a clean, healthy swimming environment for you and your family. Part of keeping the water clean is making sure the sand pool filter is working properly.

To function correctly, filters need to have sand in them. It is not a difficult task, but there are a few things you need to know before getting started. This article will show you how to change sand in a pool filter.

How To Put Sand In A Pool Filter

1. Remove the Filter from the Pool

First, make sure the power to the pool is turned off. Then take off all pieces of the filter, ensuring you store each one safely, as they will be needed when putting it back together. Now spotless out any debris or leaves inside; you can use your hands or a vacuum cleaner. Once complete, put everything back together and follow the manufacturer's instructions. 

2. Drain The Tank

Next, you want to drain out the tank completely. Your pool pump should still be turned off. Remove the drain plug from your tank and let the water run free.

3. Take Out The Multiport Valve

Now you will have to remove the multiport valve on your pool sand filter. Start by first removing the hoses and pipes connected to the valve. You may even have to cut through the pipes. 

Once the pipes are removed, you will see the collar that secures the multiport valve to the filter. Remove this, and you will be able to remove the multiport valve easily.

4. Remove Sand

Now, you need to remove all the sand inside your pool sand filter. Before you do this, you may notice an open pipe in the center of your filter. Make sure you cover it with duct tape, so any sand doesn't get stuck inside. 

Next, remove the sand. You can scoop out this sand by hand or use a vacuum to suck out the tiny particles.

5. Replace the Lateral Assembly And Pipe If Needed

With the sand removed, you should not be able to see the laterals and standpipe inside the sand pool filter. Inspect for any damage or breakage and have them replaced if needed. Before you replace them, give the tank a complete wash using a garden hose.

6. Add Sand

Next, you need to add the new sand to your pool filter. First, fill up the tank halfway with water, so it can act as a cushion for the new sand. This way, the internal lateral assembly won't be damaged from the weight of the sand being dropped in. Now add in enough sand, so all the laterals are completely covered.

How To Put Sand In A Pool Filter - 1

7. Re-attach the Multiport Valve

Now, you can remove the duct tape from the end of the central pipe and place the multiport valve back into place. Use the valve clamps to secure it in place, and add the adjoining pipes back as they were. You may need to glue the pipes back on if you cut them off.

8. Backwash and Rinse 

For the final step, you should give your pool filter a backwash. Your pool pump should still be turned off. Now set the multiport valve to “Backwash” and switch on the pump to get it started. Backwash the filter for around two minutes until the sight glass shows' water running clear.

Now switch off the pump again and resent your multiport to "Rinse.” Allow your pump to run for one minute again. 

Finally, switch off the pool pump again and switch the multiport valve to its regular “Filter” function. Turn the pump back on, and you are all done! 

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