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If you want to maintain the quality of your sand filter it is necessary to take care of it. The sand filter of your pool must work properly to keep the leaves, dust, and debris away. When pool owners ignore keeping the water clean it will build up unnecessary pressure on the filter. You can backwash regularly and rinse the water thoroughly to maintain cleanliness. If the pool water is clean you can swim and relax in comfort. With regular pool sand filter maintenance, you can enhance the lifespan easily.

When to Backwash & Rinse the Sand Filter?

Pool owners must check and analyze the working pressure gauge. It will be necessary to check the gauge to find out when to backwash and rinse the filter. You cannot leave the sand change for too long as it can be a threat to the hygiene level. There is no doubt that sand can wear down and turn into fine particles itself. It may end up circulating with the rest of the pool equipment. If you are not careful as it can even lead to damage to the laterals of the filter. This can create a lot of sand throughout the pipes and may turn into a pool.

Sometimes old sand can accumulate in the sand filter. It will further build up on the walls of the filter and turn very hard too. When there is a lot of back pressure it builds a lot of pressure on the filter too. Due to wear and tear the sand filter will break down and you may have to change it altogether. If you are looking for a new pool sand filter check out the collection at Poolking. There is no doubt investing in a new filter can be challenging. It is best to maintain the sand filter with optimal efficiency. You can change the sand every four years and keep it up to date.

pool sand filter

How to Clean the Pool Sand Filter?

There are two different ways in which you can clean your sand filter. You can start with backwash or deep cleaning. The backwash is a method that will help the water run through the filter. You can easily flush out the dirt and debris to make it feel hygienic again.

Many people believe that it is one of the most common methods for cleaning the pool. You can do it regularly and put up a perfect maintenance schedule. Moreover, you can go for a deep clean once a year to keep your sand filter clean. Here is how you can clean your pool sand filter:

1. Turn Off the Pool Pump

If you are planning to perform some maintenance on your sand filter, start it by turning off the pool pump. This step is necessary to prevent any damage from occurring inside the plumbing. You can keep the multi-port valve stronger than usual to get the best results. Moreover, you can take note of the PSI level and check the pressure gauge of the filter. Make sure that the PSI is higher than 8 to 10.

2. Set the Valve for a Backwash

The pool filter features a multi-port valve that controls the flow of water to the entire pool system. Normally you need to set it to filter and it is good to go. However, when you backwash the pool, the position of the valve must be properly changed. Once you are sure that the pump is off, try moving the valve into the ‘backwash’ position. It can quickly reverse the flow of the water and move it inside the filter.


The water usually enters the pool sand filter at the top of the system while it exits at the bottom. Whether you backwash from the start or bottom will be up to your choice.

3. Attach the Hose

Many pools are designed with a waste line in them. It becomes easy for the waste to flush out and dispose of at the right time. However, the majority of the pools don’t have this feature. In this situation, you will use a backwash hose and connect it with a waste port on the filter.

You must keep in mind that backwash hoses can be expensive. They come packed in vinyl or sturdy rubber. We recommend a sturdy rubber as it can stand against water chemicals and other wastes. These hoses come in various shapes and sizes. It ensures that the waste is drained properly without taking much time.

pool sand filter

4. Backwash the Filter

It is necessary to backwash the pool sand filter if you want to maintain its high quality. You can first turn off the pump and let the water flow smoothly. Later you can turn on the pump and run it for around 3 to 5 minutes. It will help with backwashing the sand filter quickly and efficiently. You can monitor the sight glass on one side of the multi-port valve as well. When you notice the color of the water changing from cloudy to clear, turn off the pump again.

5. Set the Valve to Rinse

When you turn off the pool pump try to switch the multi-port valve from backwash to rinse. You need to rinse the filter so it can get rid of all the sand. While you backwash it is necessary to reset the equipment once again.

6. Finishing Touch

Pool owners can set the valve to ‘rinse and turn on the pump. It will help you rinse the tank for 30 to 60 seconds. Once you are done with it, you can easily turn off the pump again. You can put the multi-port valve back into the filter position for now. When the normal filtration system begins don’t forget to check the pressure gauge as well. Usually, the PSI drops as you start with the backwash.


If you want to maintain the quality of your pool sand filter it is best to backwash it frequently. Keeping the sand filter clean isn’t a challenging job. All you need is to follow the steps above and get the best results. When you keep your pool clean it will ensure you can swim in fresh and clean water.

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