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Your pool filter is an important component that helps to keep your swimming pool water clean and hygienic. It is important to know whether your pool filter is working properly or not. Many pool owners don’t know how to check the working condition of their pool filters. The good quality pool filters work flawlessly for years.

It is best to consider buying a pool filter from the best dealers like Poolking. This can save you a lot of time and hassle. An important sign that your pool filter is not working properly is the dirt and debris inside the pool water.

You may start to need to spend a lot of time cleaning your pool, and still end up finding dirt again. If your pool filter is not working, then you may see dirt in your pool often. Here is how to know if your pool filter is working properly or not.

How to Check if a Pool Filter Is Working? 

Here are some ways that will help you to check if your pool filter is working properly or not.

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Add Dirt to Your Pool Skimmer

Add diatomaceous earth (DE) inside your pool skimmer. It is best to stick around a scoop or two which is more than the size of a 1lb coffee cup. When you do it, it instantly gets to your pool jets. If you see it returning into the pool, or the water suddenly looks cloudy then there is likely an issue with your filter. You should not add DE to a cartridge filter as this will be a risk for your pool water. It might also cause a strain on the fabric elements. It is best to use a cellulose fiber-based filtration powder.

Use Your Pool Vacuum to Test the Filter Issues

It is a great idea to install an automatic pool vacuum setup in your pool. This allows you to test out the effectiveness of your pool filter. Your fool filter may create a lot of issues after long-term use. It is also important to run the pool filter often as this will help to keep the pool water clean.

However, with frequent use, the pool filter might start to create issues. It might not function well and as a result, you might find dirt and debris in your pool water often. Poo vacuums are the best choice to inspect your pool filter working.

You must connect the filter to your vacuum and hose to skimmer the suction port. It is important to make sure that some dirt that there is some dirt at the bottom of your pool because otherwise, you might not be able to get any feedback.

When the vacuum is running, it is important to check the jets or returns. This will help you to check whether the spouting out water is clear or cloudy. If cloudy water comes out of the pool, that means that the dirt is sucked out by the vacuum. This will simply recirculate water back into the pool which is essentially running back for no reason.

Tips to Know if Your Pool Sand Filter Is Working Properly

When you have a pool at your home all the required equipment must be efficiently working. If you follow these simple steps it will be easy to find out if the pool sand filter works properly or not.

1. Will your pressure gauge reset to zero? You should check it thoroughly especially when the pump is turned off. If it doesn’t work properly it is time to replace the equipment.

2. Pool owners must check and see if the water is leaking from the backwash line or not. However, you can check it only if the sand filter is set for the filter mode. If there is a leakage it means that the multi-port gasket is worn out. You must replace it at the right time before it gets damaged even more.

3. When you normally use your sand filter every day, the gasket rubber is prone to wear and tear. It eventually helps the debris move out of the filter. You can let it escape with the help of a backwash port. If you don’t do it carefully it will return to the filter without properly filtering everything.

4. Another important thing is to check whether the dirt or debris is returning to the pool or the pool vacuum. If something goes wrong it can be a sign that there is a broken lateral. The lateral is made up of plastic parts and can be found at the bottom of the sand filter. It features very small slits that keep away sand grains easily. Usually, if the sand tube or diffuser is broken it will not function properly.

5.  One of the most important things is to check the age of your sand. In any case, if the pool is struggling to remain clear even after a backwash something is wrong. There are high chances that your sand has reached its lifespan. Mostly the life span expectancy of the sand will be 4-5 years. Right at this point, the sand will eventually lose its shape.

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6. Another way to check the quality and working of your pool filter is to analyze the pressure gauge. If the pressure remains higher than usual it is time to be prepared. When it goes high or low you need to keep checking the pressure right after it is installed. It turns out to be a good way to gauge and inspect the sand filter internally.

What if Your Pool Filter Brings Back the Dirt?

If the dirt keeps coming back to the pool filter it is best to have a filter cleaning. You can also inspect the backwash valve at the right time. It is necessary to check each internal part or else you cannot determine the level of damage inside. Usually, when the sand has become too old it doesn’t filter properly and keeps coming back. Replacing the sand inside the filter can turn out to be costly. It is best to purchase a new filter to keep your budget in control.


If you want to know whether your pool filter is working correctly or not, follow the instructions above. With these simple tips and tricks, you can judge the condition of your sand filter. If you plan to purchase a new sand filter check out the collection at Poolking.

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