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The pool filter is a crucial component of the swimming pool filter systems. The swimming pool filtration system works by trapping dirt, leaves, bugs, and other debris in the pool. In order to maintain your pool water neat and sparkling, it is vital to have the pool filter system working correctly.  

The filter is the one that keeps the water clean and clear, and it is also the one that ensures that your pool is safe to use.

The pool filter is located in the equipment room of the pool. The pool's pump, filter, and other equipment are placed in the equipment room.

There are two main types of pool filters: cartridge pool filters and sand pool filters. Both of these filters have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential to learn the difference between them so that you can select the correct one for your pool.

Quick Overview of Swimming Pool Filter Systems

The pool filter system consists of a number of different parts. The most important part is the filter. The filter is the part of the system that captures the dirt and debris. The pool pump is the part of the system that circulates the water through the filter. There are three types of filters, namely, cartridge filters, sand filters, and DE filters.

sand pool filters

How Does Swimming Pool Filter Systems Work?

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, keeping it clean and well-maintained is essential. Different types of pools require different kinds of filters to keep the water clean and free of dirt and impurities.

The three types of filters have different ways of working, but they all work towards the same goal- to clean the pool water. Let's start to discuss the working of all three pool filters.

1. Sand filter systems

Sand filter systems operate to remove dirt, debris, and contaminants from your pool’s water. These systems work by pushing water through a bed of sand, which acts as a natural filter. Sand filter systems are usually the most affordable option and are relatively easy to maintain.


 ● Swimming pool filter systems are very effective at removing dirt and debris from your pool’s water.

 ● Sand filters are relatively affordable.

 ● Sand filters are easy to maintain.


 ● Sand filters can be difficult to clean if not properly maintained.

 ● Sand filters may not be effective at removing specific types of contaminants, such as algae.

2. Cartridge filter

Cartridge filters are designed for the filtration of medium-sized particles from the water. The cartridge filter system contains a housing, a cartridge filter element, a multiport valve, and other components. The multiport valve is used to control the flow of water through the cartridge filter. Other components of the cartridge filter system include a pre-filter, a post-filter, and a control panel. The cartridge filter system filters out impurities in water and is used in domestic water purification, industrial water treatment, and other fields.


 ● Cartridge filter systems are easy to use and require little maintenance.

 ● They are able to remove a variety of contaminants from your pool water, including dirt, debris, and bacteria.

 ● Cartridge swimming pool filter systems are less likely to become clogged than sand filters, and they can be easily cleaned with a garden hose.

 ● These systems are typically more affordable than sand filters.


 ● Limited capacity to filter out smaller particles.

 ● It is difficult to clean.

 ● It can become clogged over time.

 ● Not as effective as other types of filtration systems.

3. Diatomaceous earth filters

The Diatomaceous earth filter is a high-performance swimming pool filter. It is ideal for pools that have high bather loads or when high-quality water is a must. It is also a good selection for high-efficiency systems with variable-speed pumps.


The DE filter uses a special type of media coated with diatomaceous earth. This media is sometimes referred to as “DE powder” or “diatomaceous earth.” The media is able to capture microscopic particles, including dust and pollen. The result is clear, clean water.

This filtration system is able to remove particles as small as 5 microns. This is much smaller than the particles removed by a sand filter. The DE filter is also able to remove more particles than a cartridge filter.

One of the best things is that the DE swimming pool filter systems does not require backwashing. The DE filter can be cleaned simply by removing the filter media and washing it with a garden hose. It does not require any special chemicals or cleaners.

sand pool filters


 ● DE filters use a natural product.

 ● DE filters have a higher dirt-holding capacity than other filters.

 ● It requires less maintenance than other filters.

 ● They are more effective at removing smaller particles.

 ● DE filters last longer than other filters.


 ● DE filters are more expensive than other filters.

 ● DE filters can release dust into the air.

 ● Chemicals damage DE filters.

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The Bottom Line

As a swimming pool owner, you must ensure that your pool is clean and free from dirt and other contaminants. However, you cannot just go about cleaning it with any kind of cleaning method. You will have to consider using a pool filtration system because this kind of system has been proven to be very effective in cleaning pools.

There are three kinds of swimming pool filter systems that you can choose from. Each of these kinds of strategies has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one is to fulfill your needs and lie in your budget!

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