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If you have a pool at home, you need to give more thought to how often and when you run your pool pump. Your swimming pool pump is the necessary mechanism that keeps your pool from accumulating debris or growing stagnant over time. Only with the best running time and care can it keep your pool looking clean, clear, and healthy. So, how long to run a pool pump daily?

When Should a Pool Pump Run

Should I Run My Pool Pump During The Night Or Day?

Many conflicting views exist about whether running the pool pump during the day is better or at night. In reality, each has Its plus points. 

Why Run Your Pool During The Day?

Many people prefer running their pool during the day because this is when your pool water is more likely to see a growth of algae. The UV rays from sunlight will also destroy or break down the chlorine in your waters, leading to chlorine depletion. Running your pool pump during the day will help disperse the chlorine better, making it less likely to be degraded. 

You are also much more likely to go swimming during the day when the sun is out; it makes sense to have your pump running, so you don't run into any floating debris, dirt, leaves, or even insects. 

Why Run Your Pool During The Night?

For others, running a pump at night can be more beneficial. One of the significant reasons is energy savings and reducing utility bills. If you live in an area with peak electricity rates during the day, you may want to consider running the pool during the night, during off-peak hours. Running your pump during peak hours will cost you a lot in the long run.

Which is Better?

If you live in an area that doesn’t have relatively higher peak rates, you may very well run your pool exclusively during the day. 

This is not the case for most users. For them, we recommend using a mix of each. You may run your pool pump during the middle of the day for a few hours, and then continue running the swimming pool pump at night for the remaining hours. 

This way, you can reduce your costs considerably while also keeping your pool clean!

SMP series Stable Pool Pumps

Pool King SMP series Stable Pool Pump

How Long Should My Pool Pump Run?

You should run your pool pump for at least 8 hours a day. During summers, you should run your pool pump for around 10-12 hours, whereas, during winters, most users prefer to run their pool pumps for 6-8 hours. 

Several factors determine how long your pool may ultimately run. The size of your pool and the efficiency of your pool pump are prime factors. Other factors include how often you use your pool and how easily your pool accumulates debris. 

Can I Run My Pool Pump The Entire Day?

Yes, you may run your pool pump the entire day, but experts do not recommend this. For one, it will add up to a large sum in your utility bills. There is also a chance of your pool pump overheating due to constant use, especially if it is used during the summer. Instead, use your pool pump for the standard 8-12 hours during the day or night as needed.

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