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With the summers closing in, you will want to ensure your pool is in top shape. A dirty, poorly kept pool can quickly become a breeding ground for illnesses, infections and other health concerns. To keep your pool water looking clear and well-circulated, you need to add a pool pump to the system. 

What Is a Pool Pump and What Is it Used For?

A swimming pool pump is a circulation motor connected to your pool. Pool pumps help keep your pool water clean and clear by passing it through various filters and pumping clean water back into the pool. 

Many believe the pool pump is the heart of the pool circulation system. Through its working, you can prevent your pool waters from accumulating dirt and debris and maintain the visual clarity of your pool. 

How Does A Pool Pump Work?

A pool pump is attached to your external pool system. It uses power to pull water from the pool skimmer to the pump and relays it to the pool filter. The filter will drain out any dirt, debris, and other impurities. Once the water is filtered, it is relayed back from the pool pump to the pool.

As for the structure of the pool pump, it carries a motor, an inner impeller, and a lint and hair trap. The impeller is connected to the end of the motor shaft within the pump. The impeller turns and pulls in water from the pool through the hair and lint trap. The hair and lint trap bucket may become clogged with lint and other solid materials over time and should be emptied at least twice a week. If you leave the basket clogged, it may restrict the flow of water. 

With a cleaned-out lint and hair trap, your pool pump can work more efficiently and keep your pool waters well-circulated and clean. 

Is A Pool Pump Important?

A pool pump is one of the most critical parts of any swimming pool. Without it, there would be no mechanism in place to pump your water to the external filtration system. This circulation, therefore, keeps your pool waters clean and clear year-round. It further connects to your pool's heating system to keep your pool waters warm. 

The circulating pool waters also help to distribute and evenly spread around any sanitizing agents such as chlorine you have added to the pool. This circulation also helps prevent water from growing stagnant in one place, reducing the chances of algal growth. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Pool Pump

To keep your swimming pool pump working at its best, here are some points to consider:

1. Your pool pump should be appropriately sized according to your pool dimensions. A larger pool demands a large pump that can easily pump a large volume of water.

2. Find a pool pump with a flow rate (in gallons per minute) that can match your pool's circulation needs. 

3. There are two types of pool pumps, a single-speed pump and a variable-speed pump. Choose a single-speed pump that operates at a single speed or a variable-speed pump that supplies adjustable speeds according to your unique needs.

4. Always source pool pumps from a reputable service that has experience working with pool pumps. The STP series cost-effective pool pump by Poolking is one example. 

STP series cost-effective pool pump by Poolking

Final Thoughts

A pool pump is one of the most vital parts of your swimming pool. It helps keep your pool waters clean, well-circulated, and sanitary. For the best swimming experience, always choose the right pool pump supplier for your swimming pool. 

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