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Whether you're cooling down in the summer, or enjoying a warming swim in a heated pool during the winter, owning a pool is one of life's little pleasures. 

Over the last several years, we've seen a sharp increase in the amount of people purchasing or building their own pools, which is why the demand for proper filtration systems has never been greater. 

Having an optimal filtration system isn't just important for the aesthetics of your pool, it's also vital for health and hygiene reasons. A pool with no filtration, or a poor filtration system will be susceptible to all manner of bacteria, germs, detritus, and diseases, and could potentially make you very sick indeed. 

Whether you've an indoor pool, an above ground pool, or anything else, ensuring the water is filtered is essential. Knowing which filtration system to choose however, is the tough part. With so many different varieties available, it can be tough to decide which is best. 

Generally, sand filtration systems and pool cartridge filtration systems are the most common, and it's these two we're looking at today. Here's a look at the key differences between the two, and which is best.

What are sand filters?

sand filter

Despite sand filters growing in popularity in recent years, sand filters are in fact the oldest forms of filtration for swimming pools in the world. 

Sand filters are basically large spherical shaped objects that are filled with filter sand, also known as 'silica sand.' The sand is designed to act as a filter medium to filter out and remove any excess dirt and debris from the pool water. 

Once water is pumped into the filter, it passes through the sand where impurities, dirt, and other debris are trapped within the tiny sand particles. The water that returns to the pool is clean and filtered. 

While it varies depending on the quality of your water, filter sand can last up to 15 years before it will need to be replaced, making sand filters economical. Backwashing however, is vital as the filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris. 

What are cartridge filters?

Pool Cartridge Filter Display


As popular as sand filtration systems are, cartridge filters are seen as the most convenient pool filter on the market today.


Cartridge filters are basically a tank consisting of a bottom and a lid, with a simple cartridge located within the tank.


Water from the pool enters the tank via the pump and then passes through the membrane of the cartridge filter. The fabric of the filter then catches any dirt or debris that passes through it, removing the impurities and allowing clean water to flow back into the pool.


Whereas sand filters can filter down to roughly 20 microns, pool cartridge systems can filter as low as 10 microns.


Which is better?


If you're looking for an economical, low-maintenance way to filter your pool and keep the water clean, hygienic, and pristine, cartridge filters are the way to go.


As beneficial as sand filters are, they require more maintenance and they are not as efficient as cartridge filters, which can filter down to roughly 10 microns, rather than the 20 microns via the sand.


Cartridge filters are much easier to clean and maintain as well, as you simply remove them from the tank, give them a quick rinse off with clean water from your hose, and put it back. There is no backwashing required which means you don't need to worry about a drop in chemical levels, or water levels.


Based upon efficiency and maintenance, most would agree that pool cartridge filters are better than sand filters.


If you're looking for an affordable, reliable, and efficient cartridge filter for your pool, look no further than PoolKing.co.


POOLKING is one of China's largest professional pool filtration manufacturers, offering state-of-the-art pool filtration systems for affordable prices. 

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