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Your pool pump is one of the core parts of your swimming pool. It ensures your pool water doesn't get clogged with dirt or debris, it helps thoroughly mix pool sanitizers and chemicals and it helps keep your water from growing algae. But like all machines, it may run into performance issues. 

If your swimming pool pump is not working right, here are a few ways to inspect and repair it at home before you call a professional. 

Is There Any Buildup Of Air In Your Pump?

If you notice air bubbles coming out of the return jet in your pool, it means that air is built up in your pump. Over time, this can break your pool pump completely since it puts more strain on your pump. 

To fix this, you need to identify where the air is coming from. The skimmer is one of the most common culprits. Inspect the skimmer for any signs of leakages. You should also check the water levels around your skimmer; if the water line is halfway up the plates, your pump is sucking in water. 

Other fixes include checking the skimmer weir to see if it is blocking water and instead taking in air, securing your pump basket lid again with an O-ring, and inspecting the drain plugs. Here is a high-quality heavy-duty plastic leaf skimmer you can consider for your pool.

heavy-duty plastic leaf skimmer

Is Your Pool Pump Motor Making Noise?

If you notice your pump making loud, excessive noises, inspect it for damage. Look out for any damaged bearings, tension, or traction in and around your pump. If your bearings around the motor shaft are damaged, you can have them replaced. 

If you notice your pump continues to make noises, it may be because of components inside the pool pump hitting one another. Such issues can be a lot more difficult to pinpoint and may require the attention of a professional. 

Is Your Pump Receiving Power But Not Starting?

If your pump is receiving power but still fails to start, it may be because you have a "frozen motor." If you leave your motor turned off for too long, the rust frozen around the motor can prevent it from moving. In other cases, it may result from the low voltage in your area or debris clogged around the impeller shaft. 

To fix the problem, start by cleaning the impeller shaft and then try loosening the shaft, so it dislodges any rust built up. Finally, ensure your pump is connected to the right power source. 

Is Your Pool Pump Turning On And Off Irregularly?

If your swing pool pump turns on but switches off on its own, it may be because of a cycling motor. This can happen when your pool pump motor overheats and needs to cool down. Most motors have a built-in function to stop activity when overheated. 

For this, switch off your pool pump, see that it isn’t placed under direct sunlight and provide it with enough ventilation. 

Does Your Pool Pump Not Power Up?

If your pool pump does not receive any power, the issue may be electrical. See if the pool pump is correctly wired to your electrical system or whether your outlet has any issues. Repair any damages to the wiring and outlet and switch on your pump to resolve the issue.

How to Repair Swimming Pool Pump

Pool pump issues can vary in their cause and severity. Some issues can be quickly patched up while more complex issues are best left to the hands of a professional. If you notice the issue is too difficult to handle, schedule a pool pump repair. 

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