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Like most mechanical parts, the pool pump for a swimming pool can run into complications. One of the most common issues seen is the failure of the pool pump capacitor. Think of the pool pump capacitor as the battery of your pump that gives it the power indeed to start. These cylindrical capacitors are essential for a pool pumping system. 

What Causes a Pool Pump Capacitor to Go Bad

Why Your Pool Pump Capacitor Isn't working?

There are several reasons why your pool pump capacitor may go bad; here are a few common reasons: 

1. Overheating

If a capacitor works for too long, there is a high chance it may overheat and lead to eventual failure. This can happen if your pool pump is kept running for extended periods or the machinery is exposed to direct sunlight. 

2. Contaminants

Keeping your pool pump clear of contaminants is essential for quality functioning. If contaminants such as dirt, debris, or even moisture enter the capacitor housing, they can cause damage to your capacitor. 

3. Poor Installation

A common reason for pool pump capacitor failure is improper installation. Poor mounting can put excessive strain on your pool pump capacitor, making it quick to degrade. If the capacitor is not installed correctly, it may also be exposed to external shocks and vibrations more easily. 

4. Age

A very simple reason why your pool pump capacitor has stopped working is its age. Nearly all capacitors tend to age over time and may lose the ability to perform well. After a certain time, your capacitor will need to be changed out. The exact lifetime of the capacitor varies from model to model but usually lasts around 10 years. 

5. Power Surges

A sudden increase in power can easily cause damage to your pump, its internal wiring, and the pool pump capacitor. If your electric lines experience frequent power surges, they can weaken your pool pump's capacitor and make it deteriorate a lot more quickly. 

6. Voltage Spikes

Sudden voltage spikes can occur if your pump exerts more effort than usual to run your pool pump. This voltage spike could result from dirty pool filters or be due to suction side leaks around your pool pump. Air from this leak may enter the swimming pool pump impeller and make it exert more pressure on the system. 

7. Poor Manufacturing

Finally, a common cause of a pool pump capacitor going bad could be faulty parts or construction. Sourcing a pump from an unreliable source that doesn't maintain quality management may lead to such complications. 

How To Tell If Your Pool Pump Capacitor Is The Culprit?

To ensure that your pool pump capacitor is the real culprit, you should check the components of the pool pump. See if there is any damage to the impeller or pool pump motor shafts. This should rule out the possibility of them putting excess strain on the capacitor. 

Next, look for signs of damage on the capacitor. If you notice any bulging, cracking, or other signs of wear and tear, it needs to be replaced. Other signs of damage include faint buzzing sounds or burnt electrical smells around the capacitor. 

Final Thoughts

Capacitors are usually one of the first few components to break down in the swimming pool pump. However, replacing them is pretty straightforward. You should identify the cause behind the capacitor breakdown so you can take preventive measures before putting in a replacement. 

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