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Inground Vinyl Pools


Vinyl swimming pools originated on the east coast to offer an option that could better flex with the ground’s freeze/thaw cycles. See, when the ground freezes, gunite (concrete) pools tend to crack. Now a days vinyl pools take up a large percentage of all pools built east of the Mississippi in America. Here in the Golden state, we adopted vinyl for its flexibility, affordability and the big one its earthquake resistant! Yep, I said it, earthquake resistant. Our in ground vinyl pools have been proven to stand up against shakers up to a 7.5 magnitude with no damage.



Vinyl (a natural insulator) also tends to keep pools 5 – 10 degrees warmer throughout the year. Additionally, because vinyl is a non porous surface it’s much easier to clean. There’s no need to ever acid wash, or feel the burn of scrubbing stains as you do in a concrete pool. The soft nature of vinyl is probably one of its best claims to fame. Have you ever used a slip and slide? Wet it down, run, jump and glide down to the cool abyss at the end of the mat with an ear to ear grin. Now try bellowing down the sidewalk head first in a swim suit and you’ll understand.




Inground vinyl pool kits are installed with curved and straight wall panels made from either Coated Steel or Polymeric Thermoplastic. Both are guaranteed for 25 years, but can last much longer. My 30 year old steel walls looked great when we replaced the liner a few years ago, and I saw no signs of deterioration, no dents, no rust.

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