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How to Detect Pool and Spa Leaks?


Leaking always is the biggest problem for the swimming pool or spa owner. It can happen for many reasons, and it can be very difficult to catch. In some case, the only sign that there's a problem is the rapid change in the water level. Leaks also tend to happen in the place not easy to find, so it's very difficult to repair. And there is higher utility bills from all the extra water you will need and the extra energy your pool system might expend while the leak is ongoing. Here’s how leaks are detected by pool service professionals swimming pool equipment suppliers.

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Detecting Swimming Pool Leaks

The most easiest way to notice if there's a leak is by checking the water level on a regular basis. If you find out the water level changing, then immediately go around your pool and check for any noticeable cracks. You should also check all the fittings and pipes that you can access to see if any water is getting in. If you’re unsuccessful in locating the leak, then a professional can use special equipment like cameras and microphones to find the problem.

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Detecting Spa Leaks

Spa leaks are much more difficult to locate, because they are usually caused by faulty seals and broken connections in the piping. You can keep checking the water level for any rapid changes. A good idea is to mark the water level with a water resistant writing utensil, and check after 24 hours. If the water has gone down a quarter of an inch or more, then there’s a good chance you have a leak.


When leaks is happening, it is very important to detect and identify immediately, before the problem gets even bigger and more expensive to repair. This is a little advice from POOLKING swimming pool equipment suppliers.

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