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If you're thinking of becoming a pool owner by investing in an above ground pool, it's important to understand the ins and outs of pool ownership. 

Sure, owning a pool is great, and being able to have a swim whenever the mood takes you is incredibly beneficial, but you must remember that there is a lot of work that comes with pool ownership. 

One of the biggest challenges of any pool owner, be it a commercial swimming pool or a residential above ground pool, is keeping it clean and properly maintained. Pool owners often make a number of common cleaning and maintenance mistakes and pay the price as a result. 

Failing to properly clean and maintain your above ground pool will not only result in dirty, unattractive looking water, but more seriously, it could make you and anybody who comes in contact with the water very sick. 

To ensure this never happens to you, here are several common above ground pool cleaning and maintenance tips to avoid. 

Failing to test your water regularly

One of the most common mistakes that pool owners tend to make is failing to test their water regularly. 

People often assume that just because their water looks clear and relatively clean, that it's safe and fine to swim in. This is not the case. If the alkalinity, acidity, or PH levels are off in your pool this can lead to all kinds of problems. 

Before you use your pool, use a testing strip kit and test the different levels in your pool and balance accordingly. 

Not cleaning the sides or base of your pool

Another common mistake that pool owners tend to make when it comes to the cleaning and maintaining of their pool is failing to clean the sides and base of the pool regularly. 

Regardless of the material, the sides of pools can become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, not to mention that they can become covered in dust, dirt, and debris which could then make its way into the pool. 

Whenever you clean your pool, be sure to brush the sides and base.

Using cheap pool cartridges filter


Having a reliable and proficient filtration system running on your pool is essential when it comes to its cleanliness and efficiency.

Using cheap pool cartridges filter


Filters help to remove dirt, debris, bacteria, and contaminants from the pool water, ensuring the water isn't just clean, but also that it's safe and hygienic. Far too many pool owners cut corners and opt for cheap and inferior pool cartridges filter  when filtering their pools, and wonder why they have problems.


When you purchase pool filtration cartridges, always buy from trusted suppliers and ensure you get a good quality product. 

Not cleaning your pool filter cartridges frequently

Pool filter cartridges are fantastic when it comes to pool filtration, and while they require less maintenance than sand filters, they still need looking after. 

A lot of people fail to clean their cartridges regularly and then wonder why the water becomes dirty, or their PH levels are off. 

Remove the filter cartridge regularly, inspect it for damage, rinse it with a hosepipe, and perhaps consider a filter cartridge cleaning solution to get rid of stubborn oils or other contaminants that water alone can't break down or get rid of. 

Speaking of pool filter cartridges, if you want an affordable, professional, effective filter cartridge for your pool, head on over to PoolKing.co and check out the huge selection of pool filter cartridges on offer. 

From sand filters such as the PoolKing Fiberglass Sidemount Sand Filter, to the smaller 3KW/3.8KW Endless Pool System for Small Family Pools, PoolKing.co have a pool filter for all occasions. 

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