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Do you have iron in your pool water? If you want to remove the iron from pool water, then a swimming pool sand filter can do the job for you.

Iron in your pool can stain your nails and hair and this is why it is important to get rid of the iron from the pool water. The presence of the iron can be troublesome for the pool owner. This is why it is important to get a high-quality pool sand filter. Poolking is one of the best companies that will help to provide you with the swimming pool sand filters for your pool. 

Swimming pool sand filter
manufactured by Poolking

How can you identify that iron is present in your pool?

You just have to take a sample of your pool water to a pool store. Get it inspected to know whether the water has iron or not. It is important to get your pool water get tested to check whether it has iron or not. If iron is present in your pool water, then the water will begin to discolor. The color of the water will change to rusty brown. The color of the water can also change to bright green. 


Can you remove the iron from your pool?

It can be difficult to drain all the water out and then get water back in from another source. If there is a lot of iron in the pool water, then getting a swimming pool sand filter could be the best choice for you.

Poolking provides an iron remover, the poolsand filter, that will help you to remove heavy iron from your pool water. It is best to use an iron remover as soon as possible.


Buy sand filter to remove iron from pool water 

Sand filters are ideal to suspend iron from the pool water. The floatable and sinkable pieces of iron can decolor the water.

The particles of iron are extracted by absorption and this leads to direct encapsulation. If there is an excessive loss of pressure on a filter, then it is important to rinse the swimming pool sand filter once.

You must follow the continuous filtering method as it will help you to get rid of the contaminated sand. The discontinuous filters also help you to stop and rinse in the reverse direction.

How a swimming pool sand filter works? Water molecules will be released in the sandy bed and will make it spin around. The water that has already been filtered will be pumped out in the opposite direction. The toxin iron is released and will run together along with the rinsed water. 


Application of sand filters.

Sand filters are used in many different sectors. There are also many methods to use this kind of filter. The sand filters allow extensive removal of iron. The suspended matter that is taken out from the water gets filtered and makes the water clean. All the sectors where the sand filtering is being used include the manufacturing of drinking water, pools, water treatment, RWZI, etc.


How much does the swimming pool sand filters cost?

The price can vary depending on the size of the product. The industrial sand filter may be a little more expensive than other options. If we talk about the cost of operation it is relatively on the lower side and quite simple too. Poolking offers one of the best tools and services for swimming pool cleaning.


Is sand filtering a hard process?

If you opt for a swimming pool filter, sand filtering seems to be the best option. It offers a simple procedure as compared to the other methods. You can call up an expert as they can handle this process easily.

How does iron show up in the pool?

You will be surprised to know that iron is present in the water itself. If the source of water is a well. Then the iron alloy will be in the most iconic state. It is easy to purify this water with simple techniques. However, it can reoccur after some time.

You can extract the iron or metal through the use of swimming pool sand filters. When all of it will remove from the swimming pool it will be safe to use this water. If there is a lot of metal inside the water it can be toxic to your health.

Pool sand filter
for swimming pool


How Poolking can help you remove iron from pool water?

There is no doubt that iron can create multiple issues for the pool water. It may become challenging to handle and causes health issues. Poolking offers some of the best sand filters that are durable. They also offer sand filtering process at competitive rates.


Final Thoughts 

If you want to swim in the pool water freely make sure there is no iron in it. As we have mentioned above a swimming pool sand filter is the best option to remove iron from your swimming pool. You don’t need to invest your time in something else as other procedures can be hard.

When you have iron-free pool, feel assured you are safe and secure. The clean and fresh water doesn’t contaminate easily and is good for your health too. Whenever you feel that your pool has a lot of iron inside, make sure to get it checked at the right time.

For more swimming pool sand filter details, feel free to consult Poolking.

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