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The swimming pool pump keeps clean the pool water when you are swimming. Do you run pool pump while swimming? If yes, then you are doing a great job. The pump's primary job is to circulate water and move it through the filter. The water cleans up after passing through the filter.

Are you confused about the swimming pool pump and its functioning?  In this article, we are going to give you a complete guide about pool pumps. You will get to know about the functions of the swimming pool pump and the way the pool pump works. We will also discuss how a pool pump works.

Let's read it carefully and clear all your confusion.

High Efficiency Pool Pump


What is the function of a pool pump?

A swimming pool pump is most important for pool water filtration equipment. It circulates the water and cleans all the debris including algae, bacteria, weeds and dirt etc from your pool.

In short, a pool pump ensures the cleanliness of your pool for healthy and comfortable swimming. You should run it at least once a day. If you feel some dirt in pool water then you can run it whenever you want.

How to run a pool pump?

Swimming pool pumps the main function is filtration of your pool's water. It ensures healthy swimming in clean and debris free water. Its functioning is very simple. It circulates the water and passes it through the filter.

In this way, the water gets cleaned and debris free. You can run the pool pump very easily. You just have to turn it on and it will start working. Following are some instructions that you should keep in mind before running the swimming pool pump.

· Check the water level ( it shouldn’t be lower0. If it is lower than the skimmers then add water to your pool first )

· Check the valves of the pump

· Open discharge valve

· Open the intake valve

After checking all the entire requirements, you can run the pool pump. Just turn the button on and it will start running.

Should you run the pool pump when you are swimming?

If you want to enjoy your swimming in a splashing waterfall, you can surely run your pool pump while swimming.

As discussed earlier that a pool pump mainly functions to clean and filter the swimming pool pump water, so when you keep running the pool pump while swimming it cleans pool water. In this way, you can have a guarantee that the water in which you are swimming in clean and debris free.

A running pool pump gives you surety that you are in a healthy and bacteria-free environment. So, you shouldn't worry about any other disturbing factor while swimming. All you have to focus on your swimming and enjoyment.

Apart from cleaning the pool water, a water pump also creates a mesmerizing waterfall effect. How you will feel swimming in a waterfall pool? I hope it will be an enjoyable experience for you. So if you want all this then should run your swimming pool pump while swimming.

What should be the speed of the pool pump when it's running while swimming?

The speed of the pool pump doesn't affect your swimming. But it can affect your electricity bill if you vary its speed unnecessarily. You should keep following factors in your mind while running a pool pump during swimming

· If the water is too much dirty and contains a high level of debris, run the pool pump at high speed

· If there is a low level of debris in your water, run it at a slow speed

How many times a day should you run a pool pump?

Pool pump cleans your pool water and creates a healthy swimming environment. You should run it once a day. If you are a public pool owner, then you should run it for about 8-9 hours a day.

The pool pump consumes too much electricity. So it will cause a heavy electricity bill. To avoid this, you can turn it on in off-peak hours. In this way, you will save your expenses of electricity bills.

Which is the best brand of swimming pool pumps?

Poolking is one of the best brands of swimming pool types of equipment. You can get professionally designed high-quality pool pumps from this brand. All the swimming pool types of equipment are designed utilizing modern technology and with the help of a highly professional team.

Pool water filtration types of equipment are the most important ones. It is directly related to your health. Better filtration equipment cleans the water perfectly and provides a healthy swimming environment.  

You can get a variety of filtration pool pumps at Poolking. Following are some of the filters that you can have at Poolking:

· Glass or sand filter

These are highly famous and the best quality filter. Sand filter is easy to maintain. It is a highly controllable pool water filter. This is best for small home swimming pools.

· Cartridge filter

These filters consume very low water and are easily replaceable. This filter is highly recommended for average-sized swimming pools.

· Diatomaceous Earth filter

For larger swimming pools, Diatomaceous earth filters are the best match. These are highly sophisticated pool pump filters that clean the pool water properly. Even invisible debris can be cleaned with this filter pool pump.


You can run the pool pump while swimming as it accelerates the water and helps it to pass through the filter. As a result, the water filtrates and becomes debris free. The swimming pool pump also accelerates the water to give it a waterfall view. You can enjoy your swimming in this waterfall in a healthy and clean pool.

Always try to use the best quality pool pumps. You can do this by choosing renowned pool equipment suppliers. Poolking is a well-known supplier that designs the best quality swimming pool equipment. You can buy pool pumps and filters from this brand without any confusion as their products are risk-free and guaranteed.

Good Luck!

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