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Skimmers are very important to keep a swimming pool clean. A skimmer machine floats over the water and collects all the debris from its surface until the debris sink in the pool.

Many people who install a swimming pool for the first time get confused about the number of skimmers they should use in their pool. A generally asked question is how many skimmers does a pool needs? If you are also searching for the same question then you are in right place.

The number of skimmers that you should use for your swimming pool depends on several factors. One of those factors is the length of the pool. According to swimming pool professionals, there is a need for one skimmer device for each 400 sq feet.

Now, what does it reflects? Well, if you have a smaller swimming pool in your home, it needs just one skimmer machine. A larger swimming pool can require two skimmers at a time located at opposite ends of the pool.

Now you have got the answer to your question. We will move further and get all the important details about the skimmers that you need to know. Let's move.

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Working of skimmers

Skimmers are the filtering tools that skim all the floating debris from the water surface of a swimming pool. It will be hard to clean the pool if all this floating dirt get sunk in the water.

You might be thinking that how these skimmers work? Here is the answer to your confusion. It consists of a weir and a basket. Weir provides support to the skimmer device while it is in water for collecting all the debris. After collecting it, weir put all this in a skimming basket. When the basket fills, a pool cleaner comes and empty the basket.

Skimmers perform all these functions by generating current in the water. This current pulls the debris to the skimmer machine. In this simple way, it perform the filtration of the pool water.

Relation of number of skimmers with the cleaning of the pool

Generally, the number of skimmer machines in a swimming pool is directly concerned with its cleaning. It clean the pool by collecting all the floating debris before they get sunk. So, it depicts how much an important number of skimmers can be in a swimming pool.

An average size swimming pool requires two skimmers at a time. Both of two will be present opposite to each other. They will generate current from both sides. This current will pull the debris two skimmers and skimmers will get it to the basket.

It work best while the pool pump runs. The pool pump accelerates water and in this way, it becomes easy for skimmer devices to clean the debris. At the end of the pool cleaning process, you will see crystal clear pool water without any debris.

Can we use more skimmers than required in a pool?

Skimmers indeed help to clean the pool effectively and the more of them, the more effective the will be cleaning process. But it doesn't mean at all that you use more skimmer devices than average.

It will not give benefits but will do the opposite. All the skimmers will generate current to skim the debris. This will cancel the effect of current on debris and hence will hinder the cleaning process. That's the reason why you shouldn't use more skimmers than required for your swimming pool.

What should be the position of two skimmers in the pool?

Skimmers work by generating the current in the water of the swimming pool. This current pulls the debris of swimming pool water to the skimming basket. If your pool requires two skimmers then you should be aware of their placing position.

Don’t place both the skimmer devices together in the pool. If you place them together, they will not work properly. The position of both should be opposite to each other. When they both place at opposite ends, they will generate current in their area to collect the debris and hence will work properly.

What will be the effect if the water level in the pool is above the skimmer?

It is not a good situation. A skimmer machine should be placed at a position where it is equal to water level. As it skims the debris present on the surface of the water so when it is underwater, it will not be able to collect the debris and clean the pool.

To avoid this situation, make sure to pull out all the extra water from the pool as it is dangerous for the cleanliness of your pool. It will indirectly cause other dangers too.

Why does a pool skimmer stop working?

Many factors affect the working efficiency of a pool skimmer. Following are the main reasons that hinder its working

· A skimmer that is bunged with debris will stop working

· When pool water crosses a certain level, it affects the skimmer's efficiency

· Weir flop problem

· Lack of suctions

· Air lockage

For making the skimmer functional again, you have to get resolve all these issues.

Cleaning of skimmers

You can’t just leave the skimmers to clean your pool unchecked. It get dirty too after doing all the cleaning process. In short, skimmers require cleanliness and maintenance too.

If you don't clean the skimmer machine on time, there will not be any use of its pool water filtration. The more debris it will collect, the same amount it will release into the water. So, in the end, you will not be benefitted.

To avoid this situation, keep your skimmers clean. Its cleaning process is very simple. All you have to do is turn off the pool pump. After that, get all the debris from the skimming basket out. The next step is the cleaning of the skimmer and its basket with water. It will not be hectic at all if you clean your skimmers regularly.

Final Words

Skimmers are the floating swimming pool equipment manufactured by Poolking that helps in cleaning the pools properly. An average swimming pool requires two skimmers for proper cleanliness. Don't use more skimmers in a pool than required. Give special attention to the position of skimmers. Also, it is compulsory to keep your skimmers clean too.

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