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The Advantages of Pool Filtration System


The filtration unit equipment is a powerful, more effective and more economical product in the current swimming pool market. It is a swimming pool equipment that integrates filtration, disinfection and circulation. The filtration unit equipment has the following advantages of pool filtration system:

1. No need to build a machine room: filtration unit equipment does not need a machine room. Installed directly on the edge of the pool, unlike traditional reinforced concrete structures, the machine room do not need to be built, saving cost and space.

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2. The pool water treatment project uses filtration unit equipment integration. The equipment casing is made by one-time injection molding, strong, long service life, UV resistance and corrosion resistance.


3. There is no need to pre-buried pipeline. The advantage of the filtration unit equipment is that it is suspended on the pool wall and directly carries out the filtration cycle. There is no need to pre-buried the pipeline for water circulation. Because the swimming pool structure does not need to be buried, it is not necessary to design complicated water supply and drainage pipelines. On the one hand, it greatly reduces the hidden danger of water leakage, on the other hand, it saves investment.

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4. The filtration precision is as high as 6-15 microns; due to the high filtration precision, only simple maintenance can be achieved, that the water quality can be naturally transparent and crystal clear.



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