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All of you know the importance of the filtration system. To enjoy clean and unhygienic swimming, the proper functioning of filters is compulsory. It is the primary protection against bacteria, debris, and small dirt particles. The water in the swimming pool is cloudy and algae-filled without a filter. We already discussed the functioning of sand filters in our other recent blog.


A quick review about the sand filter is that the tiny particles of sand catch the debris. In return, it will give you clean pool water. It is one of the reliable filter types, but sometimes different issues may arise. One should efficiently resolve the issues if knowing about them. That's why it is crucial to know the common issue with sand filters, such as water leakage. In this guide, you will get the answer to your query about why my sand filter is leaking water. Besides this, we have also discussed some maintenance tips. So, what are you waiting for? Without wasting your time, let's start to elaborate on the details of the topic!

Reason for Water Leaking From Sand Filter

There are many reasons for water leakage from sand filters. Some of them are mentioned below.

pool sand filter

1. Drips

If your filter suffers from a water leakage problem, check for any fitting. Loosen valves or nuts may be the cause of water leakage from the sand filter. If this leakage is minor, then there is no big issue. But if the leakage is more than a drip, follow the following steps:

 ● Apply a sealant directly to gasket surfaces.

 ● After this, retighten it.

2. Problem With Multi-port Valve Handle

It is clear from the name that there are many functions that multi-port valve handles perform. The pool water flows from the different pathways the multi-port valve handle offers. Seven filtering systems are under the control of this handle, such as initiation of filter, backwash, rinse, etc.

Loose or broken multi-port handles may be the reason that the sand filter does not function properly. Luckily, you can quickly fix the problem. Once you find that the multi-port valve handle is not operating correctly, solve the issue as soon as possible.

3. Clamp Leak

The metal clamps are used for tightening and sealing in the manufacturing of sand filters. It retains the pressure produced in the filter after turning on the pump. The water is leaking when these clamps are not tightened well. It also reduces the efficiency of sand filters. Drop from the housing is also possible when these clamps are not tightened well. Proper positioning of these clamps is compulsory to function the sand filter correctly.

4. Filter Crack

Cracking is also one of the leading causes of filter leaking. You can resolve the problem by knowing the crack's position and applying a PVC epoxy resin or glue. But the condition may be severe if the crack is large enough. In such cases, you have to change the filter housing system. Housing requires it to be tightly closed to maintain pressure and adequately work the swimming pool filtration system.

5. Pressure Gauge Leak

During the running of the filter, the pressure reading of the filter is provided by the pressure gauge. It has a small gasket on it. So, over time it can easily be damaged. This also has an air valve that is used for escaping air purposes. After the cleaning process, this valve is utilized for clearing air out. After removing all air, a little water stream initializes to come out. During this period, you can close the valve. It is essential to close the valve tightly. A less tightening valve will cause a leak.

sand filter system

Few Maintenance Tips for Sand Filter

Below we have mentioned some helpful maintenance tips. Follow these suggestions and keep enjoying your swimming with a long-lasting sand filtration system.

 ● Backwash after two weeks is an excellent way to keep the filter functioning well. At the same time, one should deep clean the whole system 2 times a year. There is no doubt that backwash is insufficient to increase the filter's lifetime. But it is crucial.

 ● Many pool owners don't know that changing sand at the right time also maintains your filtration system. When you observe any symptom that sand is not working well, then change it. Muddy and dirty pool water is also a sign that it's time to change the sand.

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The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide answers your query: why is my sand filter leaking water? Various reasons are involved in this complexity. We try our best to discuss each one! If you want to increase the lifespan of your swimming pool filtration system, then always follow precautions. As we all know, that cure is better than treatment!


Proper care and cleanliness increase the lifetime of the pool filtration system. It is crucial to learn about the exact problem and resolve it. Well, in case of a cracked tank problem, replacement of the whole sand filter filtration system is necessary. This complexity can not be resolved through repairing. Please read our recent blogs related to sand filtration systems.

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