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Using the right Pool Filter Sand will allow you to keep the pool water clean. By using the wrong filter sand there could be plumbing issues with your pool. It can also reduce the pool’s filtration efficiency. The water is filled with algae, bacteria, and cloudiness if the sand is not right. People often prefer to use play sand since it is cheap and readily available, but is it okay to use play sand for your pool filter?

Poolking is one of the best companies that offer high-quality pool equipment including pool sand filters. The play sand is too big and also contains silica. Pool-grade sand is fine enough to trap the debris which the play sand lacks. In this post, we will cover whether or not you can use play sand in your pool filter.

Can You use Play Sand in a Pool Filter?

The ground sand filter is one of the best choices when it comes to using it for your pool filter. Play sand doesn’t remove enough particles and it is important to use the right kind of sand in your pool filter. Many water purifiers also don’t work well with the play sand. Play sand has large granules which make it difficult for the filter to clean the water.

Pool Filter

Pool owners often use play sand in their filter by thinking that they are saving time, money, and energy. However, they don’t know that the play sand will not allow them to keep their pool water clean. Pool-grade sand is one of the best choices for pool owners. It is important to know how much sand you should add to the filter. Too much or too little sand will be as ineffective as play sand.

Why Should You Avoid Using Play Sand in a Pool Filter?

You can get play sand from any local store near you and this is why most pool owners prefer to use play sand for their pool filter. The play sand might not remove enough debris from the water and it also lacks the necessary properties that are required to eliminate bacteria in the water. It can also damage the plumbing, and it is not worth it to use it in the long run. Here are some of the reasons why you must avoid using pool sand in the pool filter.

 ● Play sand is not designed to use in the pool filter. Pool-grade sand uses an extensive cleaning method and production process which allows to clean of the pool. Play sand is a low-quality product that will not make your pool water as clear as it could be.

 ● The play sand is best to build castles and other fun structures on the beach. It is a bit coarser than pool sand and promotes clumping. These clumps can shred through the pool filter in a couple of months and can damage your pool system.

 ● There is no silica sand in play sand. Silica is an integral part of removing algae so it is a must to use pool sand that is made with silica sand. It targets the bacteria and helps to get rid of them. Pool-grade sand is designed with silica and will keep your pool clean. The price range of silica sand may vary on the amount of sand you buy.

 ● The grains are too big for the filters particles and pool filtration. The large grains are not able to compress the bacteria inside the water. Almost all of the debris that goes through the filter comes through the other side. You will be required to use a water clarifier and that could be incredibly expensive.

 ● Play sand is made with trace amounts of dirt and many companies clean their play sand using harsh chemicals. The harsh chemicals in the play sand can be dangerous for your health. You will add a lot of unwanted chemicals into the filter if you use the play sand. It could also get uncomfortable to swim in because of the bacteria-ridding additives.

 ● There are many other reasons you should avoid using play sand in your pool filter. The play sand gets too hot and will also cover the pool in the sand. Using the right type of sand will help to remove all sorts of debris from the pool water.

Pool Filtration

Which Sand Should You Use for Pool Filtration Systems?

It is best to use the 20-pool-grade sand for your pool filtration system. Silica helps to trap and eliminate contaminants from the water. It also helps in clarifying your pool and creates a safer swimming pool. It is always a great idea to pour a bit of water into the filter before you add the sand as this will prevent abrasive scratches and pockets of sand.

Things To Consider When You Choosing The Right Pool Grade Sand

Here are some things to consider while choosing the right pool grade sand for your swimming pool:

 ● Pool sand is available at a similar price as play sand. You don’t have any reason to choose play sand over ground sand. It weighs the same and also costs the same to ship. It is also readily available online as play sand. You can also buy them at the local pool stores all through the year.

 ● Pool sand must not be used as play sand. It can cause itchiness as there is a lot of silica in the sand. Furthermore, the grains are also too fine. The small grains can be perfect for pool filter as the sand filters work by compressing the silica sand. They help in pulling the debris from the water.  

 ● You might see a bit of sand come through the filter after you change the filter media. It is best to get the products and services of Poolking if you want to keep your pool water clean. You will not see any sand at the bottom of the pool and this can prevent any leak of the pool sand from your pool filter.


Play sand will not keep your pool as clean as it should be. It will introduce contaminants and insects into your pool so it is best to avoid using it. Pool filter sand with silica is the best choice to use for your pool filter.

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