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You should run your pool filter once a day as this ensures that you get proper filtration. It is best to run your pool pump daily for an average of 8 hours. Water gets contaminated very easily this is why it is important to clean it properly. The pool water builds up with dirt and bacteria and it is best to filter it before it gets dirtier. Let’s find out all about how long should you run your pool filter.

What Is the Indoor Pool Filter Running Time?

If you have an indoor pool, you can run the sand filter every one or two days. The indoor environment gets less dirt and debris but it all depends on the regularity of your usage. So, if you’re constantly using the pool, you should run your pool pump once every day. This is recommended for both indoor and outdoor pools.

How Long Should You Run Your Pool Filter? 

On average, a pool filter must run for at least 8 hours a day. This helps you with regular filtration. The running time of your filter is based on different pool sizes. It also depends on how much you use your pool. The amount of debris that enters your pool and the pump's flow rate also counts a lot when it comes to the duration of running your pool filter.

pool filter

The amount of time to run the pool filter depends on your pool water turnover rate. The longer you run the filter the longer the water will run through the filter. The pool filter cartridges get filled with dirt and contaminants and they must be filtered.

It is not an ideal choice to run your pool pump 24/7 as this is not a realistic approach. It will increase your electricity bill which will be a waste of time. It always uses an timer, as this will automatically switch the pump on and off.

What Factors Can Affect Ideal Filtering Time

There are several important factors like the environmental conditions and the season that affect how often you should filter your pool water. When it is raining or there is a storm your pool would get more dirt and bacteria. It is a great idea to run the filter for an additional couple of hours.

The filtration system of every pool is different. If you live in a location where there’s not so much dust, then you can reduce the filtering time by 1 hour. If the water is looking dirty, green, or cloudy, it is recommended to run the filter for an additional hour or two.

Why You Should Run Your Pool Filter at Night?

The swimming pool filters get dirty during bad weather conditions. Running a pool pump at night will save you more money so it is best to run your filter at night. It is the best time to run your pool pump at any time of the day but it will be more efficient to run it at night. Here are some of the reasons why you should run your pool filter at night.

 ● Electric companies charge less at night. The electricity consumption during non-peak hours is between 9 pm to 8 am.

 ● You are using a lot of household utilities during the day and this is why using your pool filter at night will consume more voltage intake.

 ● If you run the filter at night, you will be able to have a clean pool in the morning. You can get a swim early in the morning and don’t have to wait for the water to clean out.

 ● It is also a great idea to add chemicals at night because this will help to circulate and mix them easily without any trouble.

Do Seasons Affect the Duration of Time to Run the Pool Filter? 

Seasons do affect the amount of time you run your pool filter. The usage of the pool can be different in different seasons. There are also a lot of other factors that will affect the need to filter pool water in different seasons. Here’s a breakdown of how different weather will affect the runtime of your pool filter.

1. Summer

If you have a larger pool it is best to just run your pool pump based on the standard time requirement. In summer people use the swimming pool more often. In dry summer the amount of dirt and pollen in the air also increases. This is why you will need to run the pool filter for a longer time during the summer.

pool filter

2. Rainy Season

Rain will always make your pool water dirty. There will be a lot of debris, and bacteria in your pool during the rainy season so it is best to run your pump more than once a day. It is a good idea to use the pump during and after the rain has already stopped. If there is constant rain in your area, then you may need to run the pool filter continuously.

3. Winter

Most people don’t use the pool during the winter. If you don’t use the pool in the winter often it is best to reduce the time you run your pump for 3 to 4 hours. It is best to filter your water and keep the water balanced during the winter. If you use the pool often even in the winter your pool pump needs to be run constantly.

Should You Run a Pool Filter 24 Hours a Day?

You can run your pool filter 24 hours a day but you must consider the pool type to decide the running time of the pool pump. Your electric bill will likely exceed a lot if you use the pool filter 24 hours a day. If you exceed the pool filter running from 8 hours a day to 24 hours per day, your electricity bills will touch the sky.


The pool filter must run for at least 8 hours every day if you are looking for efficient filtration. It is also important to consider the weather conditions. If there is a lot of rain, pollution, and dusty weather it is best to run the pool filter every day. Poolking is selling premium quality pool filters that will allow you to keep your pool water clean.

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