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We all know that pool water is circulated and cleaned through the filter. In our last articles, we have discussed the details of how filters clean the water. Now the question is, if your pool pump is running along with a sand filter, then how much sand do i need for my pool filter? Well, one of the benefits of a sand filter is that you have to replace sand after 5 years or so!


The process of changing sand is straightforward. But do you know how much sand your filter needs? According to us, this knowledge is compulsory to run your filter smoothly. Extra or fewer amounts of sand can cause many complexities. Keep reading this blog post to know the answer to your query: how much sand do I need for my pool filter?

How Much Sand Does Your Filter Require?

Most of the time, you will get this information through the instructions designed by the pool pump manufacturer. You are lucky if you have an owner's manual. It will consist of all the information you need to replace your sand. But what to do if you are unsure about the answer to your query. In this guide, we have discussed some helpful tips that assist you in knowing the correct amount.

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1. The Two-Thirds Rule

It is the basic rule that should be followed to fill the filter with sand. Two-thirds filling of the sand permits a small space above the sandbed. But it catches the flowing water. Besides this, it is also crucial to know the exact amount of sand in pounds that your pool filter needs.

2. Amount of Sand in The Filter

It is essential to measure the diameter of your filter to know the exact amount of sand filter required. With the knowledge of diameter, you can quickly know how much sand is added to the filter. After the extensive research below, we have mentioned the amount of sand requirement according to the diameter of the filter.

16 inches is the starting diameter of the sand filter.

 ● For this starting diameter, approximately 100lbs sand is required

 ● Every inch larger diameter of your filter after 16 inches requires 25 lbs of sand. For example, 18 inches diameter requires 150lbs, 19 inches diameter filter needs 175lbs sand and so on

 ● If your filter diameter is more significant than 20 inches, you must add 50 lbs every two inches. Repeat the process until you reach 24 inches. For example, 20 inches diameter requires 200 lbs sand, 22 inches require 250 lbs and so on.

 ●  From 24 inches to 27 inches in diameter, you have to add 50lbs for every 3 inches. For example, a 24 inches diameter of filter requires 300 lbs of sand, and 27 inches require 350 lbs.

 ● From 27 to onward, for every 3 inches, you have to add 150 to 200 lbs of sand. For example, 30 inches diameter requires 500 lbs of sand, and so on

However, the volume of the pool filter may vary with respect to the pool model. Some models may need more sand. Before deciding how much sand is required, it is essential to read the model instructions first.

What Happens if Extra Sand is Added to Filter?

In order to keep the working of the filter right, it is essential to add a moderate amount of sand to the filter. The extra amount of sand reduces the performance of the sand filter. It can cause pressure in the filter tank. Too much sand may be responsible for breaking specific components. So, before adding sand into your filter, read the manufacturer's instructions thoroughly. Little time in reading saves you from many complexities.

What Happens if Less Sand is Added to Filter?

Your filter also doesn't work well if less sand is added to your sand filter. Water is not filtered correctly in such situations. The pool water becomes cloudy, which is not suitable for health. The proper amount of sand is compulsory to capture all the debris from the water. Proper sand filter operation requires the correct amount of sand, not too much, not too little! If you are unfamiliar with the tank diameter, then no issue. To know the tank diameter, divide the tank's circumference with pi( 22/7 or 3.14).

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What to Do With Old Pool Filter Sand?

After replacing the old sand with a new one is a common question in every person's mind. What to do with old sand. You can utilize this sand for many different purposes. Some of them are mentioned below:

 ● Bury the sand into your backyard

 ● You can also use the old sand for landscaping

 ● Pool filter sand contains a lot of debris, which may be hazardous. Sometime proper disposal of sand requires disposal experts

 ● Use it to make slip-proof agents in cold weather.

Poolking Pool Sand Filter

Purchasing the best pool sand filter is a worthy investment. And everyone wants to invest in the right place and product. A Poolking pool sand filter gives you the guarantee of higher filtration performance. The design material of the Poolking pool sand filter fulfills your needs well. We offer various models. Choose one according to your needs. Please visit our site to know more about poolking swimming pool products. Feel free to contact us and ask about your sand filter query.

The Bottom Line

Special attention is required to change the sand of the pool filter. Make sure to read all the instructions before starting the process of changing sand. A proper amount is essential to capture all the debris from pool water.


You can use the two-third rule for sand filling purposes. You can also calculate the correct amount by knowing the diameter of your filter tank. Hopefully, this guide will give the answer to your query: how much sand do I need for my pool filter? Still have any confusion? Drop a message in the comment section! You can also read our other blogs related to pool sand filters.

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