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Many pool owners assumed that pool water becomes cloudy due to improper functioning of the pool filter. They conclude that changing the filtration system is the solution to the problem. If you are also thinking the same, then wait! Sometimes changing the whole filtration system is not the fixation on the complexity. So, in such a case, what should one do? Changing sand may give you clean water.


Furthermore, you should change the pool filtration system's sand every 3 to five years. This duration depends upon the maintenance of the sand filter. If you run your pool all the time, then sooner the condition arrives when changing sand is a necessity! If you are looking for a query related to pool sand filters, then don't worry. You are in the right place. In this guide, we have discussed the pool sand filter. You will also find the answer to the question: when to change sand in the pool filter and many more!

The Duration of Sand in Pool Sand Filter

Did you know that pool sand is not the sand you found at the beach? It is also not the sand used in your children's toys. Pool sand has different ingredients and bigger particles than regular sand. How long your swimming pool sand filtration system lasts depends upon various conditions. Few of you know that older pool filters ate water well compared to new sand. So, don't change sand until your pool requires it.

 ● If you are residing in a country that remains hot all time and your pool pump runs 24 hours, then after 2 to 3 years changing sand is compulsory.

 ● If your pool is open only in summer, then old sand easily filtrates water for 3 to 5 years or maybe 6 years also.

With the passage of time, the sand of the pool filter breaks down. It becomes rough, Ede's becomes rounded, and sand loses its effectiveness in cleaning pool water.

Pool Sand Filter

How to Know That Filtration System Requires New Sand

We are not saying you should check each grain of sand. Definitely, it is a time-consuming, lengthy, and unwise way! So what to do? Below we have mentioned some tips to gain knowledge about this. Don't miss reading any single point.

1. Water of The Pool Becomes Cloudy

The Cloudy water of the swimming pool is due to many reasons. Blaming sand is not the right way. It is not compulsory that the issue be resolved by changing sand. There are many reasons, such as:

 ● Chemicals may lead to lower quality of water. These chemicals include calcium hypochlorite or calcium carbonate. 

 ● Many human sources such as dust, pollen, or leaf, etc may be the reason for cloudy water. 

 ● Sorry to say, but your body fluids such as sunscreen and body oils may also be the cause of dirty water. 

To know the exact reason, it is recommended to test the water of your swimming pool chemically. If there is no problem as mentioned above, then it might be possible that your pool filtration system is not functioning correctly. The sand in the filtration system may not catch the debris etc.

2. Shorter Backwashing Sessions

The sand of the pool filter becomes dirty and needs to be replaced. Keep an eye on how long the backwashing cycle takes. It may be reduced day by day! So, first of all, get knowledge about how long.

3. Channeling

It is a condition when water enters the filtration system but comes outside without filtration. Make an inside path skipping the sand in most of the water. This may also be the reason for dirty pool water. You can recognize such conditions by opening the pool filtration system. If the sand has ridges, then channeling is the main problem. This may be due to pool chemicals.

Pool Sand Cleaner

Well, before changing sand, one should try a sand filter cleaner. It can remove oil particles and chemicals from the filtration system and, in return, gives you clean water.

Furthermore, there are many risks involved in changing sand of the pool filter. Some of them are mentioned below:

 ● Damaged multiport valve: We already discussed it in our previous article. 

 ● The standpipe may be damaged.

 ● Broken laterals. 

Changing Sand is Not Always The Good Solution

It is not always good to change your pool sand. Many reasons involved behind it, such as:

 ● As compared to new sand, older sand catches debris better. As time passes, the sand grains become smaller and smaller, so they filter better. 

 ● Changing sand is the messy process. 

 ● One of the best reasons not to change sand is that changing sand can leak the pool.

Pool Sand Filter

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The Bottom Line

How long the pool sand filter functions properly depends upon your care. Sometimes this period is 3 to 5 years or more. We are repeating again that changing sand is not always the solution to the problem. First, know the problem and then resolve it in a way that involves fewer charges. Maintaining your pool will last longer pool sand later! Hopefully, you get the answer to your question: when to change sand in the pool filter. In order to increase your knowledge, we have also discussed other pool products in our other guides. Please read all to increase your knowledge!

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