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If you want to keep the water of your pool clean and healthy, maintain the condition of your pool filter. It will keep the dirt, dust, and other contaminants away from the water. Moreover, it reduces the cost for pool owners and offers hygienic water conditions for your family. The pool filter sand will keep your pool clear and transparent no matter what the season. Pool sand must not stay inside the pool for many years. You need to replace it with a new one to get a fresh supply of water.

Things You Can Do With Old Pool Filter Sand

If you are wondering what you can do with your old filter sand, we have a solution for you. Here are some things you can do with it:

1. Bury It

If you want to keep the pool sand away, the best idea is to choose a good pool filter. This filter will keep the dust, dirt, and other contaminants away from the water. You can easily dispose of such materials keeping yourself healthy and happy. Instead of throwing the sand inside the garbage, it is best to bury it in your yard. Here are some simple steps you need to follow:

 · Keep the old sand away from your yard or garden.

 · Look for a useful area where there is no waterway or drainage.

 · Start digging a hole but make sure it is deep enough to fit in the old filter sand.

 · Throw the sand fully and cover the hole properly.

pool filter

2. Add It to the Ice Present on Your Driveway

The old pool sand filter is subject to change without notice. During winter if there is some ice on your driveway it can create problems for the homeowners. However, if you add a bit of sand to this area you can keep the road smoother and drive properly. This material offers heat that will keep the slippery ice away and prevents you from falling. You can conveniently use this old filter sand for this task and make it a success. Here are some steps you can follow to clear your driveway:

 · Keep the ice away from the driveway with a shovel.

 · Spread the old pool sand all over the place.

3. Landscape Your Yard

There is no doubt that an old pool filter sand will not look good. However, they are a perfect choice to landscape your yard and enhance the appeal like never before.

4. Fill the Holes Inside Your Yard

The ground swimming pools need a proper filtering system to keep the water clean. If you want to use the old pool filter sand conveniently try filling the holes in your yard. You will be surprised to know that old pool filter sand will cover up the holes properly. The best part is that it doesn’t require any special skills to deal with it. Anyone at your home can complete this task without putting in much effort. However, before you try to fill the hole with sand try to use the same type of sand inside. Here is what you can do:

 · Get the old pool filter sand conveniently.

 · Spread the sand inside the hold and onto the ground.

 · Continue to dump the sand till the holes are fully covered.

5. Complete a Garden Path

Are you not sure what you can do with your old pool filter sand? Why not use it to complete your garden path? Instead of purchasing new sand why not use the one that is available inside the pool? Here are some simple instructions that you need to follow:

 · The first step is to create a layout of your path.

 · If the path is not straight but rather bent, try to use a hose.

 · You need to use a shovel and remove the existing plants in your garden.

 · Homeowners can make a hole that is five inches wide.

 · Walk over the soil and keep the dirt away properly.

 · Take one landscape fabric and cover the path with it.

 · Keep the soil level flat and keep the soil slightly smaller.

 · By arranging some stones you can choose a preferred design for the path.

 · It’s time to fix the stone keeping some gaps for plants and sand.

6. Use It for Composting

The best idea is to add the pool sand to the compost pile. It happens to be an ideal choice to dispose of all the extra soil from your pool. The filter of your pool needs to work properly or else your health can be in danger. You can exchange the old pool pump with a new one to keep it going for some years. Here is how you can use the old pool filter for composting:

 · Add leaves, beans, or garden waste inside your composter.

 · Combine all the ingredients and help them decompose.

 · Now that you have a decomposed mixture, try adding the old pool sand.

 · Mix everything fully into the soil.

pool filter

7. Fill Flower Pots

You can keep the filter media of the pool in the best condition. If you are not sure how to use the old pool filter sand, there are a lot of things you can do with it. You can conveniently use the soil in the pot and cultivate all the plants. All you need is to pair up the material with the pea gravel. This soil will be used to grow various kinds of plants even in winter.

Can You Use an Old Pool Filter Sand for Concrete?

Many pool owners believe that they can use the old pool filter sand for concrete. However, you can't do that. The filter sand contains silica that will make the concrete weaker than usual.


You need to have a reliable pool sand filter as it is a great tool for keeping the swimming pool in a good condition. However, when it becomes old you need to replace it at the right time. We have discussed some of the best ideas about what you can do with an old pool filter. If you want to purchase some good quality pool filters why not check out the collection at Poolking? They offer some of the best products at affordable rates.

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