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If you have a pool at home it is necessary to keep it in good condition. Your safety and health will depend on the quality of your pool. Many pool owners don’t know how to choose the correct sand filter size. However, you can take assistance from Poolking which offers a wide range of pool equipment. When you purchase an incorrect-sized filter it can lead to a lot of issues. No doubt choosing the correct size of pool equipment will help it function better.

Choose the Right Size of Filter

When you choose a sand filter it is best to match it with the size of the rest of the pool equipment. Many people believe that it is better to have a slightly bigger filter and they are not wrong. A large-sized filter will turn out to be more efficient, powerful, and affordable at the same time. You can measure the filter area to match up with the size of your pool. Additionally, it offers the following benefits:

 · You can get longer filter cycles.

 · Fine particles will remain inside fully.

 · Filtration for the pool water will significantly improve.

 · Water cleanup from the pool pump will become faster than usual.

 · The filter medium is long-lasting.

The sand filters on the above and in-ground pools offer many such benefits for the pool owners. You can use a 30-inches tank that features 4.9 square feet. The overall surface area will hold up to 600 pounds of sand without any difficulty. If you have a small pool that has 20,000 gallons of water can have a 24 inches tank. If your budget is tight you don’t need to worry as they are available at a good price.

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How Much Water Does Your Pool Hold?

The first step in picking the right size of sand pool filter is to determine the size and flow rate of your pool. It is necessary to know how much water your pool can hold. If the water is moving at a variable speed the size of the sand filter should be big enough. The process will become relatively easier if the pool is rectangular. However, it can turn out to be more intricate if the layout of the pool is different. There are four different types of pool shapes that include rectangle, round, oval, and kidney. You need to use a simple formula and determine the size of the pool carefully.

1. Pool depth

No matter what the shape of your pool it is necessary to calculate the average depth before concluding. You can choose a filter depending on the depth of the pool. The most important step is to find the deepest area inside the pool. Another step is to find a shallow part and find the average by comparing them both.

2. Rectangular pools

If your pool is rectangular it is necessary to measure both length and width. The next step is to find the average and choose the filter size sq ft correctly. You can calculate the volume of water flows and make your purchases accordingly.

3. Round pools

 If you have a round pool it is necessary to determine the overall surface of it. However, it may need more of a complex formula. You can use surface area along with the radius square to come up with the correct results. In the end, you can calculate the average depth of the pool and multiply it by the volume. If you are looking for water clarity a high-quality sand filter will do your work.

4. Oval pools

No doubt the oval pools can be a little challenging to handle. If you want to choose the right size of the filter, call an expert. They have the knowledge and expertise to let you know which size will be perfect for your pool. The first step is to measure the long and short diameters along with an average depth. This is how you can lead to the volume and get accurate results.

5. Kidney shaped pools

When it comes to kidney-shaped pools you will have to find the long and short widths along with the length. In the end, simply calculate the volume to get to a conclusion.

What Size Pump Will You Need for 10000 Gallon Above Ground Pool?

You can get a larger filter that will easily fit in the above-ground pools. Some of the best and most popular options for a 24 feet round pool will be a bigger pump. It must circulate 27,186 gallons per day without any difficulty.

If the swimming pool sand filter is oversized it can create some issues for the pool owners. However, if the pump is huge and the filter is small, it can lead to wear and tear. Similarly, a large filter with a small pump reduces the hard work to keep the pool’s water clean and hygienic.

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Steps to Measure the Sand Size Filter

Are you confused and can’t decide which pool filter size is good enough? You can start by turning the cubic feet into gallons and follow these steps below:

1. Gallons per minute

When you calculate the total capacity of your pool in gallons, calculate the gallons per minute. Many pool owners like to run their pool for around 8 hours or more. You need to determine how many gallons per minute are required for it.

2. Feet of head

If you like maintaining good water for the pool, it is necessary to get the correct filter. You need to consider both the piping between the pool and the pumps.

3. Choose your pump & filter size

The size of the pool filter is directly connected with the size of the pump. If the pump is too small it can cause a lot of problems. You can choose a bigger filter as it holds lesser risks. As compared to cartridge filters, sand filters turn out to be a better option.


If you are looking for a high-quality sand filter, checking out the collection at Poolking will be the best option. You can have clean and hygienic water by choosing the correct size of sand filter. These products are available at an affordable rate.

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