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The saltwater pool filter is crucial equipment to clean the swimming pool properly. With a good filtration system, one can keep the pool neat and clean all the time. We all are familiar with the working of filtration systems. It removes the debris and unwanted particles from the swimming pool.

A good filtration system also conforms to relaxed swimming. Now the question is which filtration system works well in the case of saltwater pools. This guide will discuss all saltwater pool pumps and filtration systems. Basically, there are three types of filters that are good enough in the case of saltwater pools. Let's start to discuss the details of each one.

Salt Water Pool Pumps and Filtration System

Saltwater pool works best with three main types of filtration system:

 ● Cartridge pool filter. 

 ● Sand pool filter.

 ● D.E.(diatomaceous earth) pool filter. 

All of them have their distinct features and applications. Before choosing the filter system, many parameters should keep in mind, such as:

 ● Pool size. 

 ● Bather load. 

 ● Filter Quality. 

 ● Maintenance etc. 

Keep reading this guide to learn more about these filtration systems.

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1. Cartridge Pool Filter  

This filtration system is popular because of its many unique features, such as its high level of filtration. It removes the smallest unwanted particles having a size down to 10 microns, from the pool. One of the best things is that you don't need to replace the filter for many years.


One can easily maintain it because there is no need to backwash in this filtration system. In the case of saltwater pools, this type of filter suits best because of its high-quality and easy maintenance. For residential pools selecting a cartridge pool filter is the best choice to consider. Furthermore, it is easy to operate and replace also. Moreover, it is available in the market at an affordable price.

2. Sand Pool Filter

Many of you are familiar with this type of filtration system. It filters the water at a moderate level at an affordable price. Its versatility makes it suitable for many applications, such as:

 ● For ground pool.

 ● Large community pool etc. 

Compared to other filtration systems, it may not provide high-quality results. It is the main drawback of the sand pool filter. It also requires weekly backwash. One of the best things is that you don't need to replace sand for many years. Its price is less than other filtration systems. It works best for many pools and filters the particles up to 40 microns.

3. D.E. Pool Filter

It is good to choose if you want to filter the particle with a size of fewer than 5 microns. It provides you cleanest water as compared to the filtration system mentioned above. A Saltwater pool with a D.E. The filter provides a high level of clean water. Its operating system is a little bit more difficult than other filtration systems.


Moreover, it is also not easy to maintain it properly. Minor damage requires slots or money for repair. So, it is more expensive than sand and cartridge pool filters. D.E. filters also require monthly backwash, which is also complicated. But it is a luxury option to consider for a saltwater pool system. Its overall result is awesome and wonderful.

Some Facts About Saltwater Pool System

Many misconceptions about the saltwater pool system are spread around the Internet. Some facts about this pool system are given below:

 ● Many people think that this system is chlorine-free. But it is not true. They need some amount of chlorine after use for maintenance and also produce chlorine.

 ● You may be confused that some special pump and filter system is required for the operation of saltwater pool systems. But it is not true. Any type of pump or filter system is suitable for its operation.

 ● Many people consider electrolytic pool cells to be the same as filters. But no, it doesn't filter anything. It simply adopts the process of electrolysis and converts salt into low levels of chlorine. 

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Benefits of Saltwater Pool System 

There are a lot of reasons that compel you to switch to a saltwater system. Some of the features are discussed below.

 ● Water quality: salt water systems improve water quality. One can enjoy swimming with a more natural feeling of water.

 ● Ease of maintenance: Due to the production of its supply of chlorine, it is easy to maintain. There is no requirement for the manual addition of chlorine. In this way, your weekly maintenance time will also be reduced. You also don't worry about the cloudy water. Because this pool system easily maintains the level of chlorine for approximately 10 to 14 days.

 ● It is a reasonable way to clean the pool water in terms of chlorine. In saltwater pools, you don't add additional amounts of chlorine. It produces its supply of chlorine chemicals. So you don't need to spend money on extra chemicals.

 ● This system has a perpetual cycle. It doesn't require a large amount of salt but reuses the old to produce chlorine.


Some Tips About The Saltwater Pool Filter

 ● Make sure that water is properly balanced to avoid any future complications.

 ● It doesn't work properly in colder water. It is good to keep the temperature at about 65 Fahrenheit.

 ● Check properly that pool water maintains the amount of chlorine. Adjust the system according to the level of chlorine. 

The Bottom Line

Saltwater pool does not require a special type of filter. You can use any filter, such as sand, cartridge, or D.E., according to your choice. If you want to buy a high-quality filtration system, Poolking is here to fulfill your needs. We offer various pool equipment manufactured with good materials. We also have many years of experience in the pool equipment industry. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our site to increase your knowledge about different pool equipment without wasting time. You can also read our other blogs to learn more about saltwater pool systems.

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