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There’s plenty of swimming pool filtration equipment that is a must buy for every pool owner. If you want to swim in a clean and hygienic pool, then it is best to know about all the required equipment for pool filtration. This post is about all the swimming pool equipment you need to keep your pool water clean. If you have any questions about the needed swimming pool equipment for pool filtration, then it’s answered here.

The Essential Swimming Pool Equipment to Filter Your Pool Water 

Poolking sells some of the highest quality pool filtration equipment. Here are some of the most essential pool equipment that you will need for pool filtration.

1. Telescopic Pole

A telescopic pole swimming pool equipment is one of the most important equipment required for pool filtration. It will make cleaning your pool water more convenient. As the name suggests the telescopic pole allows you to see all the hidden debris inside the pool water. The best thing about these poles is that they can extend and shrink in size. This will give you a lot of flexibility and reach where you need to clean your pool. It is a great idea to choose a telescopic pole that is designed with thick tubing.

pool filtration equipment

2. Skimmer Net Attachment

Are you wondering how you will handle all the leaves that are inevitably floating around in your pool? You can trust your pool skimmer net as it is the perfect pool filtration equipment tool for the job. It will allow you to snap out all the dirt at the end of your telescopic pole and will let you easily skim the surface of your pool. The net passes over the water and will scoop all the dirt from the pool water easily. There are two types of skimmers available in the market. One is with flat nets, and the other is with bag nets. You can choose the skimmer according to your requirements.

3. Pool Brush Attachment

With time the buildup and algae can get stuck on the floor, walls, and steps of the pool. The best way to deal with it is to use a pool brush attachment. It is important to brush your pool daily as it will keep the pool water healthy. It will also prevent problems like cloudy and green water.

4. Vacuum Head

The vacuum head is one of the most essential pieces of pool filtration equipment that plays an important role in actual vacuuming. You pass it over your pool floor and vacuum all the dirt stuck inside the pool. It is Just like a brush or skimmer attachment and snaps onto the end of your telescopic pole.

5. Vacuum Hose

A vacuum hose is an essential piece of equipment; without it, you cannot vacuum your pool. That’s why getting yourself a good vacuum hose is a great idea and worth every penny. The vacuum hose connects to your skimmer and is responsible for supplying your vacuum with the pressure it needs to clean the debris.

6. Pool Filter

When it comes to cleaning the pool water the filter is one of the most important pieces of pool filtration equipment. The pool sand filters help to remove all the debris and contaminants from the pool water. This keeps your pool water clean and makes the swimming pool safe to swim. There are different types of pool filters available in the market and each of them comes with its strengths.

7. Pool Pump

The pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool and helps to circulate water. It powers both the heating and filtration processes. The pool pumps filter the pipes, by using the heater, and back into the pool. There are three types of pool pumps that include with single speed, dual speed, and variable speed.

pool filtration equipment

8. Pool Heater

The pool heater is an important pool filtration equipment that will allow you to prepare your pool water for the perfect winter pool party. With a pool heater, rainy days and cloudy skies will not stop you from swimming. That water stays warm and will help you to swim at the perfect temperature. Using a pool heater also helps to keep your pool water clean.

9. Automatic Pool Cleaner

Vacuuming and brushing is a good choice but that requires a little physical activity. In our busy lives, we don’t want to invest our energy in cleaning our pools. This is why it is a great idea to get an automatic pool cleaner to do the job for you. Who wants to be outside cleaning the pool water on a hot summer day?

An Automatic pool cleaner will do the perfect job for you and will clean your pool water with perfection. This machine can do the job for you and travels across the inside of your pool. It doesn’t the brushing and vacuuming and will reduce your workload. It is best to get the perfect automatic pool cleaning solution to reduce your workload. The robotic pool cleaners can be your saviors and can save you a lot of time on a busy and hot day.

10. Pool Leveler

Your pool loses water every day. The water gets out due to the splash-out and small leaks in the pipes. Natural evaporation is also the reason your pool water gets low. You cannot avoid it 100% but you can surely reduce it. A pool leveler is one of the best choices to level up the water inside your pool.

It can be a hassle to replace water with the hose and can also be tiring at times. A pool lever helps you to reduce water loss by 75%. You can automatically replace pool water by using an automatic pool leveler. An automatic pool leveler will attach the garden hose and will hang on the edge of your pool. A built-in sensor will monitor the water level and adds water when it drops on the threshold.


Maintaining a swimming pool can be a difficult task. However, if you have the right pool filtration equipment you can maintain the hygiene of your pool without any hassle.

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