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The Factors You Should Know When You Choose a Pool Pump


The swimming pool is the best part of properties for some families. Because it is a place where they relax or entertain, even go to cool off during hot days. It is definitely worth to invest, not just in money, but also in time. A proper swimming pool pump can help you to do a lot of work.


Pool Size

To keep clean, the water in a pool needs to circulate completely every four to six hours at least once a day. The pump you purchase must be powerful enough to move all of that water during the specific time period required for your pool.

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While you want your pump to have enough power to circulate all the water, you also do not want it to be too powerful. If the water is moved too strongly, then it might not get properly filtered. A pump that is too overpowered can possibly cause damage to the pipes, fittings, filter, and the heater. A too powerful pump can not help and may even cause damage.


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Space Available

The yard space surrounding the pool should also be factored in when making the choice. Some pumps can be quite large, so if you have limited space or your pool is indoors, then you would want to find a medium or small sized pump. Large pumps are fine for outdoor pools with a lot of space around them.


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