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When it’s time to swim, every swimmer wishes to swim in crystal-clear water. You may not be able to control the weather, but you can always make sure that the swimming pool is clean, clear, and free of debris. Sand pumps for above ground pools will help you to keep your pool water in the best condition.

A sand pump is one of the best units that is used most commonly to keep the pool water clean. A sand pump is one of the primary means that moves solid matter from one place to another. Sand pumps follow a simple process called a centrifugal motion to keep the water clean.

How Does a Sand Pumps for Above Ground Pools Work? 

Sand pumps work by using a textured or grooved disc. The disc is rotated along a central axis. It creates a force of movement by moving the grooved disc’s rotation. The action will force the movement of any material that is coming in contact with the grooved disc. The action created by the movement of the grooves helps to remove the debris and keep the water clean.

Sand pumps

What Are Sand Pumps Used For? 

A sand pump is used for several different instances. It keeps several different substances to clean the water. The unit is referred to as sand pumps because they are most often used to move sand deposits from one place to another.

Sand pumps are placed in the fluid or oil tanks that have become filled with sand. They help to move sand through a series of pipes and junctions. These sand pumps are used to incorporate inside the pool water to maintain the material pressure through the system.

A sand pump is an essential unit that helps to keep the pool water clean. Pressure is applied at the end of the system and is sufficient to push the material through the end. Pumps are placed near the pool water when the water needs to get filtered.

Why Is a Sand Pump Suitable for Your Above-Ground Pool?

Sand pumps are considered to be one of the most suitable units for keeping your above-ground pools clean. They can be expensive initially compared to cartridge filters but are easier to maintain. You don’t have to change the filter and buy a new one because it runs efficiently for years. It is also easy to install near your above-ground pool and makes it easier for you to start the filtration process. You can also change the filter sand every 5-7 years on average and save big money. Sand filters can filter large quantities of water, and are an ideal choice for your above-ground pools and large commercial pools.

What Are the Benefits of Using Sand Pumps for Above Ground Pools? 

The benefits of using sand pumps are endless. They can move solid materials from one place to another by using a piping system. These units move solid earthly materials and filter the water perfectly. The ease of use and continued application benefits makes it an ideal choice for your above-ground pool.

Some of the benefits of using sand pumps for your swimming pool are as follows:

 · It is one of the easiest systems to use.

 · Requires low maintenance.

 · The sand pumps remove small and large dirt and debris from the pool.

 · It is a relatively inexpensive choice to install and update.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Sand Pump? 

Just like some notable advantages using the sand pumps for above ground pools also comes with some disadvantages to these systems. Here are some of the disadvantages of using a sand filter pump.

 · Moving sand at high pressures often compresses the abrasive materials.

 · It can grind the dirt and debris against the disc.

 · The grinding action of the sand pump often results in the disc requiring replacement in long-term applications.

 · Sand pumps also make the dirt and contaminated material more pliable as it moves through the system.

Sand pumps

How Do You Backwash Your Sand Pool Pump?

Here are some of the basic steps to backwash your sand pool pump:

 · Set the sand filter on the multi-port valve to handle the backwash position. It is important to ensure that the handle locks are in place.

 · You can Turn on the pump and allow the sand filter to backwash for at least 2-3 minutes. Wait till the water in the sight glass gets visibly clear.

 · The rinsing process must be done for 1-2 minutes. You should keep rinsing until the water becomes clean.

 · When the pool contains an unusually high amount of dirt or debris it is best to bypass the filter entirely. Make sure to vacuum the water directly into the waste setting.

 · It is best not to backwash if the water has or has had an algae problem. Algae, both dead and alive, pass through the filter sand and can re-enter the pool.

How to Clean Your Sand Pumps for Above Ground Pools?

Cleaning your pool sand pump is one of the most important things as this will help you to use it for many years to come. It is easy to clean your sand pump. You can clean your sand pump by following some simple steps.

 Sand filters come with a pressure gauge. The internal pressure of the filter rises 10 psi from when it was last cleaned. This will indicate that it is now time to clean the filter.

The process of cleaning your pool sand pumps is called “backwashing”. You reverse the direction of the water flow and run the water backward using the filter. This makes the waste or drains port go out of the pool water.


Your above-ground pool is the ideal location to relax and spend a great time with your friends and family. If you want to provide your family with a clean swimming pool environment, then choosing a premium quality sand pump is the best choice. You can choose a wide variety of sand pumps for above ground pools from Poolking and maintain the hygiene of your swimming pool.

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