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Do you want to know what rpm to run pool pump for 15k gallon pool? If you think about setting up your pool it is best to get your pump started. There is a wide range of pool pumps available out there. You can choose a product that is suitable for your requirements. All you need is to run the pool pump by setting the time clock. It will run for 8 to 12 hours per day, and it will turn on and off automatically. Nowadays the wide range of variable-speed pumps is benefiting a lot of people. Most of these pumps have a certain setting for RPMs. While they may not have an on/off switch. If you are curious to know what rpm to run pool pump for 15k gallon pool, we have all the details here:

How to Find Out RMP to Run Pool Pump for 15 Gallon Pool?

If you have a variable speed pump along with a flow rate it will be easy for you to find the flow rate. The flow rate is based on RMP and will help you keep the pool running smoothly. You can also consider the flow meter to find out more about the RMP. If you don’t have it at home, calling a professional will be the best deal. It will help you find the RMP conveniently and efficiently.

If this isn’t enough you can have a variable speed and flow pump that will keep you one step ahead. It is necessary to clean your pump basket to keep your pool pump running in the best way. Additionally, you can keep your filter back washed or cleaned at the right timings. Both these things will have a significant impact on the flow rate.

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What to Look for in a Variable Speed and Flow Pump

You can choose a good variable speed and flow pump to keep your swimming pool running. Every pool owner wants to get the best out of their pool. It is necessary to keep your pool clean and hygienic in all seasons. The best thing is that you can easily read out the RPMs that are showcased on the display screen. Secondly, it will feature the Gallons per minute.

This idea will help you find out what rpm to run pool pump for 15k gallon pool per minute. If this isn’t enough it is also easy to adjust the flow rate. It will protect the pool pump filter from clogging. When the entire system works perfectly it will not give any pressure to the filter pump. You have the option to clean the pump basket and it will keep the dust and debris away.

What Rpm to Run Pool Pump for 15k Gallon Pool?

If you want to calculate the necessary GPM required for the pool, get to know the turnover rate. You can understand the turnover rate as it is used to describe the total volume of the pool. It refers to the amount of pool water that is cleaned or filtered. Let’s suppose you have a 15,000-gallon pool, the turnover rate will be the time it takes to filter these gallons.

When your pool pump is running at 100 GPM that means it will take around 150 minutes. Sometimes it can take around two and a half hours for your pool. Make sure that your pool needs turnover at least once a day. Your swimming pool may need it more than once during the day. It will help you achieve a good environment and a cleaner pool too. Every pool owner has the desire to swim in clean and transparent water. You can keep your family safe and enjoy with during all the seasons.

Lower RPM Leads to Lower Electricity Bill

When the volume of the pool is as small as 15,000 gallons it will be easy to set up your pool. You can run it at a lower speed for a long period. It will give you fantastic results and keep the water sanitized. Pool owners have the option to turn over the pool in the best possible ways. If you have a larger pool the requirements will be different.

Moreover, it will be costly to handle the maintenance as well. A small pool will need a lower RPM and lead to a lower electricity bill. In this situation, the pump motor will work efficiently without any pressure on the components.

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How Long Should Pump Run in 15000 Gallon Pool?

If you have a 15,000-gallon pool, the pump will easily push 40 gallons per minute through the filter. This results in 2,400 gallons per hour. At this rate you’re your pump will take around 6.5 hours to filter the entire 15,000 gallons.

How Many GPH Does a Pool Owner Require for a 15000 Gallon Pool?

When you have a pool that holds up to 15,000 gallons of water you need to calculate the GPH first. The formula will be. 15,000 gallons × 2 turnovers/day = 30,000 gallons/day. It is necessary to circulate at least 30,000 gallons every 24 hours. Make sure you check the specifications on the pump regarding Gallons per minute (GPM).

Should You Run the Pool Pump on High or Low Speed?

It doesn’t matter what size of pool you are using, running it at a low speed is always beneficial. It will help keep your energy bills lower. You can run a variable or two-speed pump twice at a normal speed. The higher the speed, the more difficult it will be to handle everything.

What Size Pool Filter Is Suitable for a 15000 Gallon Pool?

We recommend you use a 300 square feet filter for a 15,000-gallon pool. You can also use a smaller filter if it can fit your requirements. Make sure you clean it often to keep the pool pump running.


If you want to know what rpm to run pool pump for 15k gallon pool, and planning to purchase a pool pump for a 15,000-gallon pool. Don’t forget to check the products at Poolking. When your pool pump works perfectly it will help you keep the pool clean and safe for swimming.

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