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Poolking sand filter supplier's product-The sand filter is a special equipment made of fiberglass, corrosion resistant, deformation resistance and durabl. When water flows through the filtration bed, the dirt and organism in the water are filtered out. The more things are trapped in the filter bed, the clearer the water will be and the higher the efficiency of the sand filter. All the procedures are controlled by the multiport valve and regular backwash and waste.
Working Principle
The filter uses silica sand to remove the tiny dirt from the pool. Sand is filed in the sand filter and used as a medium to remove the dirt. When the valve control is in the "FILTER" position, pool water containing suspended dirt particles is pumped into the filter piping and discharge to the outlet of the filter. Pool water passes through the filter and tiny dirt is trapped and filtered by the filtration sand bed. The fresh water is returned from the bottom of the filter to the pool via a controlled switch. This whole process is continuous and automatic, and provides a complete cycle for the pool filter and piping system.
After a period of using ,accumulated dirt impedes the water flow and weakens it. The filter should be cleaned at this time. The position of the valve “BACKWASH” will be controlled. At the monent, the flow will become the opposite direction. The water will directly reach the bottom of the filter tank, and will be recoiled by the sand layer. It will flush the dirt and debris ad discharge them from the sewage outlet. After each backwash, the valve shall be positioned on “RINSE”, and turn on the pool pump 0.5 to 1 minute then turn off. Then the “FILTER” position is resumed and normal filtration is restarted.
How To Maintain A Sand Filter
There is without explicit standard to define when shall back washing. The flow rate is not the parameter to show this situation. Because it's just a filter tank, it's like the size of the bowl is not directly related to how much a person eats. (Of course, if the flow rate is high enough, the sand filter is small, it will have a greater resistance to the water flow, which will increase the efficiency of the water pump). The main factor to determine the flow is the pump flow rate and pressure. The filter outlet flow rate is positively related to the flow rate of the pump. At the same time, the thickness of the sand, the thickness of the pipe can affect the flow rate also. Therefore, the determination for backwashing is entirely based on the operator's experience. Either according to the pressure, or a regular cycle period
About the replacement of filter medium: generally silica sand does not need to be replaced. Because it will not react with other species inside the filter. If the filtration medium is activated carbon, it needs to be replaced after some time adsorption.
Replacement of pipe fittings: If the union of the filter does not match the external pipe, it can be changed with a straight-through pipe.
When operate the sand filter, must be sure that the pump is turned off. Do not use too much force on the handle to avoid breaking it. The three pipes (water inlet, outlet, and waste discharge) shall be supported by brackets to prevent falling down.


Commercial Sand Filters for Swimming Pools

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