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We all are familiar with the function of the pool filter. It works hard to keep the swimming pool's water clean and fresh. Proper care of the pool filter is compulsory to enjoy healthy swimming. Swimming pool water may contain debris and the smallest particles if the pool filter doesn't work properly. One should be sure that the pool filter works accurately.


Now the question is how to know if the pool filter needs replacement? This guide is designed to give the answer to the question mentioned above. Here we have discussed the different signs that alert you about filter replacement. Let's start to discuss these signs in detail.

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Warning Signs to Know The Pool Filter Needs Replacement

A filter is the part of a swimming pool that filters debris and other bacteria from water. Below we discuss the warning signs that alert you about the pool filter replacement.

1. Low Water Quality

The filter always cleans the variety of chemicals from the pool. Through the process of filtration, it keeps the water of the pool healthy and fresh. If you ever noticed that the pool water is dirty, check the balance of water with the different swimming pool equipment. If the balance is correct, the pool filter does not work properly. Repair it or replace it with a new one to keep water dirt-free.

2. High Water Pressure

We can explain this factor through the simplest example of pumping the heart. When the blood pressure of the body becomes high, the heart faces difficulty supplying blood throughout the body. This action makes it weak. The same is true for the water filtration system. The filter under strain can be known through the PSI pressure reading.

If you don't fix the issue quickly and the per square inch pressure reading continues to increase, your filter will become damaged soon. In that case, you need to replace your filter with the new product to achieve healthy swimming.

3. Excessive Backwashing

Excessive back washing from a certain limit is also a warning sign that your pool will lose its working capability soon.

4. Down The Filter Quality

If your filter does not perform according to your expectation and clean water properly, then it's time to consider replacing the pool filter. Also, don't do frequent backwashing. This step loses the quality of the filter rapidly!

5. Use-By Data

We all know that every product has a specific lifespan. When it is passed, the products do not work accurately. The same rule is true for pool filters. It's better to replace it after its specific lifespan.

6. Damaged Filter

Cartridge Filter is the one that is damaged over time. In that case, you need to replace it with a new one. Damage will lessen the quality of the filter slowly.

7. Flattening of Pleats

Over saturation of remarks causes deformation of the pleats. This deformation is called flattening. It restricts water flow. The flattening of pleats is another sign that your cartridge filter needs replacement.

Moreover, if you notice the following symptoms, you should replace your filter.

 ● Tears or rips in the fabric

 ● Cracks in the rubber end cap

There are 3 main types of pool filters.

 ● Glass filters

 ● Sand filters

 ● Cartridge filters

If you want to learn the details of pool filter types, then read our other blog post.

How Frequently Should You Change Filter?

One should change the swimming pool filter when it does not perform properly. After passing the lifespan of the pool filter, it also needs replacement. This duration of time varies between 5 to 15 years. After this period, your filter may damage and require replacement.

1. Changing Sand Filter

When to change sand filters friend upon its usage period. However, a good quality sand filter performs well for 5 to 6 years. If you are the one that uses the pool seasonally, then sand filters function properly for more than 5 years. Sometimes, replacing media proves beneficial in achieving clean water.

2. Changing Glass Media Filter

Proper cares towards the glass media filter enhances its lifespan. You can use it for more than 10 years with the proper care and arrangement. This is the reason that the sand filter is famous due to its longevity. However, replacing it after 6 to 7 years is better so that your pool works accurately.

How Long Do Filters Work Accurately?

With time, the effectiveness of pool filters becomes low and low. However, how long the pool filter lasts depends upon the dirt regularly cleaned.

 ● After 2 to 4 years, the cartridge filter needs to be replaced. Its works for approximately 2000 hours

 ● Sand filters require replacement after 3 to 7 years

 ● Glass media filters work properly between 7 to 15 years properly

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Poolking: The Name of Quality

If you are looking for a good-quality pool filter, then Poolking offers top-quality pool filters. The design and technology of Poolking's pool filter give you high filtration performance. We have a wide variety of pool filters according to your needs. If you want to know more about Poolking, then visit our site. Don't hesitate to ask us about the problems related to your swimming pool equipment.

The Bottom Line

A filter is an important part of a swimming pool so try to buy a top-quality unit. Purchasing a good pool filter saves your money as well as time. If you observe any of the above warning signs, then replace them as soon as possible. Replacing the swimming pool filter protects you from many other complexities.

Purchasing Poolking swimming pool equipment is a long-term investment. Hopefully, you are clear with the answer to the question of when to replace the pool filtration system. Please read our other articles to enhance your knowledge about the swimming pool equipment. Comment below and share your experience with the different swimming pool filters!

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