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Cleaning Spa filters are compulsory to maintain their working. Due to dust particles or other debris, the filter stops doing its job. That's why cleaning the filter is important. We all know that many minerals and salts are available in household water. All of these minerals leave deposits that are not easy to remove. Due to which spa pump requires cleaning. Now the question is how to clean the spa filters? There are many products used for this purpose, such as

 ● Bleach

 ● Detergent

 ● Muriatic acid

 ● Commercial filter cleaner and many more!

However, it is quite simple to prevent the growth of bacteria and clean the different components of filters. Let's start to discuss the easy way to clean the spa filter.

spa filter

Step-By-Step Guidance About Cleaning The Spa Filters

Below we have discussed the steps involved in the cleaning process of the spa filter.

1. Remove The Spa Filter

Locate Your Filter Cartridge

Sometimes the filter is located inside the spa system. Mostly the location is inside of:

 ● Canister

 ● Cradle

 ● Lid

If you don't find it, then check the owner's manual for the purpose of location.

Make Sure to Turn off The System Before the Removal of the Filter

A spa can not run without a filter cartridge. So, please turn off the switch first, then remove it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Rotate it in a Counterclockwise Direction

The direction of rotation is important to prevent any damage. Turn off it counterclockwise, and after loosening, pull it up.

Read The Manual Process

Most of the filters remove in the anticlockwise direction. If you feel any hurdle in this method, consult your owner's manual.

2. Clean Spa Filter Weekly

Inspect The Filter For damage

First of all, see that the filter requires cleaning or replacement. If you find the filter damaged, replace it as soon as possible. Don't clean the damaged filter. Change it with a new one in order to protect the other parts of the spa system, such as jet lines.

Rinse Out Spa Filter Through Filter Cleaning Wand

Select the cleaning wand that is fixed to your garden hose. It comes equipped with soft comb-like teeth. You can gently remove the spa filter's pleats by using a comb. For this purpose, hold the nozzle at a 45-degree angle and remove the debris.

Mix Water With a Drop of Enzyme-Based Product

Enzymes stop the growth of bacteria. So, adding a drop of this product removes the debris well.

Inspect Filter For Remaining Debris

Examine the filter and remove a large part of the remaining debris in order to work the spa filter properly.

3. Clean Spa Filter Monthly

Take The Enough Amount of Water

To immerse the spa filter properly, enough water is required. Both hot and cold water clean the filter. If you are in any hurry, use hot water that cleans the filter quickly.

Use a Mild Cleanser

Use a cleanser to clean your filter. People use many other products such as bleach etc. It may damage your filter soon.

Repeat The Weekly Cleaning Steps

Before adding a cleanser to water, examine it for damage. Use the house-hand cleaning wand to remove the fine dust particles.

Soak The Filter

The time of soaking is different for hot and cold water. In the case of hot water, one hour is enough for soaking. At the same time, soak it overnight with cold water.

Wash The Filter With Cleaning Wand

Follow this step after soaking to remove any chemicals or debris.

Clean The Water

Adding cleaning chemicals into the water properly according to the instructions. Improper addition may disturb the chemistry of water and lead to bacteria growth. It also damages your spa system or shortens the lifespan of the filter.

Follow Each Step With Care And Patience

Your care and patience increase the length of life of your filter. Proper cleaning will make the next round of cleaning more easier.

Other Products Use to Clean Spa Filter

1. Detergent

Using trisodium phosphate for cleaning the spa filter. Don't use household detergents. After cleaning with it, rinse the filter thoroughly to remove the remaining chemicals.

2. Commercial Filter Cleaner

They are formed with a variety of formulations. You can find different types of commercial filter cleaners in the market.

3. Bleach

It is also used to kill pathogens and bacteria.

4. Muriatic Acid

The basic purpose of this acid is to maintain the pH of the water. People also use it for cleaning the filter. However, it is slightly hazardous to use because of its toxicity.

spa filter

What Are The Different Types of Spa Filters?

There are basically two main types of spa filters. 

1. Pleated Spa Pool Filters

It is the most common type of filter. People used it to filter about 20 microns or larger. It is made with the pleated filter material named media.

2. Micron Spa Filters

This is another type of filter that is used with a pleated filter or alone. One of the main advantages of the micron spa filter is that it saves money. You can't clean it. Micron spa filters require replacement after 3 to 6 months.

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The Bottom Line

It is important to know the steps involved in the cleaning procedure of a spa filter. The filter traps the debris and dirt to prevent water contamination. So, cleaning the spa filter is compulsory to ensure it keeps doing its job properly. However, it takes your time and effort, but proper care also saves your money. The cleaning method prevents the filter from getting damaged. Hopefully, this article increases your knowledge about how to clean the spa filters? Comment below and share your experience of cleaning spa filters!

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