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While owning a swimming pool is great, pools do require a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Not only is it important to keep your pool clean for aesthetic purposes (nobody wants to swim in dirty water), it's also vital from a health and safety standpoint too. 

To keep your pool working correctly and ensure the water is clean and sterile, a proper filtration system is vital. Most residential pools use a basic pool cartridge filter system, though keeping them clean is vital. 

A pool cartridge filtration system will catch all manner of dirt, debris, and contaminants, removing them from your pool and rendering the water clean and sterile in the process. The longer the filters are left however, the dirtier they will become which is why they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. 

To ensure your cartridge filter cleans and filters your pool effectively, here are several tips on how to clean and maintain pool cartridge filters properly. 

Check the Operation Pressure of Your Filtration System

First and foremost, one of the best indications that a pool cartridge filter does need cleaning is the operation pressure of the system.

When the pressure is 7 – 10 lbs above normal, this indicates that it's time to clean the filter cartridge. This is because the pump will have to work harder when the filter cartridge is dirty, meaning that the operation pressure will increase. 

Carefully Remove the Filter and Inspect for Damage

When the time comes for you to clean the cartridge filter for your pool, the next thing you need to do is remove the filter. Carefully!

When you remove the filter cartridge, take it out of the housing tank carefully, making sure not to rip or damage it. Once removed, examine the cartridge for any visible signs of damage. Look between the pleats to ensure there are no rips in the material of the filter. If there are, any water that passes through will not be properly filtered, meaning contaminants could make their way into your pool.

If you do see any visible signs of damage, your filter cartridge will need replacing.

Rinse the Filter with a Garden Hose

Once the cartridge is out, the next thing you will need to do is rinse it with a garden hose.

Spray the filter cartridge with your hosepipe to rinse away any large pieces of debris that the filter has removed from your pool. Try to spray the filter while it is still wet as this will make it easier to rinse away any pieces of debris stuck to it.

Make sure the water pressure isn't too powerful as this could damage the filter. This is why pressure washers are not recommended.

Leave to Dry, Gently Shake, And Replace

Once you've rinsed away as much loose debris as possible, leave the cartridge to dry in the wind/sun.

Once dry, give the filter a gentle shake and tap to remove any loose particles that you were unable to rinse away.

Once the filter looks clean, carefully replace it and you're all set. If the pressure is still too high, you may need to purchase cleaning solutions to break down any oils or contaminants left in the cartridge.

If you're looking for reliable, hygienic, clean, effective, and affordable pool filter cartridges for your pool, look no further than PoolKing.co.

With a huge selection of filters, including their hugely popular PoolKing Fibreglass Cartridge/Diatomaceous Filter, it's easy to see why they're one of the largest swimming pool filter suppliers and manufacturers in all of China. 

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