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Using glass media in a pool filter is a less expensive way to get clean water. The glass media is made with recycled glass that is environmentally friendly. If we talk about manufacturing ingredients of glass media, then it is made with silica. Oftenly, very fine particles of glass are used to make glass pool filter media. There are many benefits of using glass media, such as:

 ● It filtered the smallest particles and provided clean water

 ● Its density is smaller as compared to sand media

 ● The performance of glass media is the same as DE filters

 ● The lifetime of media is longer than other pool filter media

 ● It lasts about 8 years or more


Well, now the question is, how much glass media is in a pool filter? If you are looking for the answer to this query, welcome to this blog post. Below we will make an effort to answer your question. So, let's move into the details of the topic.

fiberglass pool filter

How Much Glass Media in a Pool Filter?

As discussed earlier, the longevity of glass media is larger than the sand filter media. It lasts 3 times longer than sand media. By weight, 20% less glass media is required compared to a sand filter.


In other words, we say that we need fewer glass media. At the same time, if we discuss water clarity, then glass media provides 25% more water clarity as compared to sand. We will elaborate on many other features of it in the coming section!

In our other blog post, we discussed the requirement of sand according to the diameter of the tank and the size of the pool. Apply the same rule here, but glass media requires 20% less than sand media.

 ● For starting diameter, in contrast to 100lbs sand, one requires only 80lbs of brightened glass media

 ● Similarly, instead of 150 lbs of sand, only 120lbs of glass media require

 ● For the next increasing diameter, 160 lbs of brightened glass media are required than 200 lbs of sand

 ● Same as in the case of 250 lbs of sand, only 200 lbs of glass media require

 ● Instead of 300lbs of sand, only 240lbs of glass media is needed, and so on!

Glass media is used to keep away bacteria from pool water. When water passes from glass media, it captures all the smallest particles and provides clean water.

Advantages of Glass Filter Media

There are many advantages of glass media. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. It is Long- Lasting

The lifetime of glass media is longer as compared to other filter media. Its warranty is 10 years or more! As it is made with recycled glass bottled. If we compare it with sand media, then sand breaks down after 5 years. It means glass media is 5 times longer than sand media.

2. Less Backwashing is Required

Glass media require less back washing as compared to sand and cartridge filter media.

● Sand media require back washing after every 1 to 2 weeks

 ● Cartridge filters require backwashing after monthly

 ● At the same time, glass media required backwashing after 2 to 3 months

The time involved in backwashing is less compared to other media. This is because glass is smooth and permits the easy passage of water.

3. With Glass Media, The Clarity of Water Improves

Dust particles having the size of 5 microns can easily be removed through glass media. So, glass media keeps your pool healthier and cleaner. At the same time, cartridge filters filtrate particles having a size of 10 microns. Now the question that confuses you: why does glass media filtrate the fine particles? There are many reasons for the efficiency of glass media, such as:

 ● Glass uses the whole depth of filtration media, so it traps more particles

 ● As compared to sand, the glass does not pack in a closed compacted form

 ● The negative charge on the glass media captures the particle quickly

4. Low Maintenance

As discussed earlier, the glass media require less backwashing as compared to sand and cartridge filters. Only 5 minutes are required for this process. However, this time depends upon the size of the pool. So, less monthly maintenance is required in the case of glass media!

5. Environmental Friendly

Recycled glass is environmentally friendly. And glass media is made with 100% recycled material. So, it does not pollute the environment and puts less pressure on your natural resources. Glass media is also an eco-friendly choice for your pool.

fiberglass pool filter

6. It Stops Bacterial Growth

Hopefully, you are all familiar with the term permeability. As compared to sand, glass media is less permeable. It simply means after backwashing; no residue is left behind.

7. Low Cost

Glass media are budget friendly as compared to other types of filter media. You don't need any extra chemicals to keep the water balanced and clean the pool. So, glass media saves a tremendous amount of money!

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Final Thoughts

A proper selection of pool filters makes your pool water cleaner and healthier. Many of you have become tired of using sand and cartridge filters. They both require frequent backwashing. If you want relief from this tiredness, then glass filter media is the best choice. It improves the water clarity and requires less maintenance. Selecting the glass filter media also reduces the monthly bill. So, what are you waiting for? Replace your filter with glass media and enjoy swimming! Hopefully, you get the answer to the query: how much glass filter media to use? 

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