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Do you want the outer look of your swimming pool to become more attractive? Swimming Pool lights are the equipment that fulfills this need well. It not only makes the pool attractive but also the surrounding areas.


Swimming pool lights generate a glow all around the swimming pool. The beauty of these lights increases at night. Now the question is what type of lights are used in the swimming pool. Various market options are available. Which is best for your pool? Your proper selection makes your pool look stunning and beautiful. Keep reading this post to learn about the different types of pool lights.

Options Available in Pool Light

Before going into the detail of the swimming pool light, it is crucial to understand the options in pool lights. Below we have mentioned the 3 main options that can choose to get the incredible experience.

1. Incandescent

This is one of the least expensive options, especially for a permanent pool. It looks like the same bulb as used in houses. But now, the introduction of compact fluorescent light makes a little bit of difference. The output of these lights has a yellow shade. Few people select this pool light. Most of them choose the LED or halogen light options.

2. LED lights

It is the best option to select for both in-ground and above-ground pools. It consumes less energy and provides more brightness. LED lights are long-lasting, and you don't have to change old swimming pool lights after one.

It generates 5 different colors according to the user demand. However, you need a professional to change the incandescent light inside your pool. Its lightning operation involves the white or colored LED set to produce light. You can get many advantages after the selection of this light:

● No their yellow shade

● No heat consumption

● Get many options of color

The estimated lifespan of these swimming pool lights is 50,000 hours.

swimming pool light

3. Halogen

After the invention of incandescent lights, halogen was another modern bulb that people considered. It consumed 20%less energy and had a longer lifespan. This bulb also used filament technology to provide the yellow color light. However, the working principle of halogen and incandescent is different due to the use of halogen gas in halogen light operation.  

8 Different Types of Swimming Pool Light

Now it's time to elaborate on the various types of light. A wide variety is available in the market. Keep reading the section to know the summary of different types of swimming pool lights.

1. Flush-Mounted Underwater Halogen Pool Lights

This pool light is the perfect selection for your pool wall. But keep in mind that their operation requires more energy. Extra care and maintenance are needed in the case of halogen pool lights. However, these flush-mounted lights have a complex installation process. They have less price as compared to LED lights.

2. Flush-Mounted Underwater LED Pool Lights

These lights are mounted inside the wall of your pool, which increases the beauty of LED swimming pool lights. They are one of the most demanded lights that enhance the beauty of the pool. However, its installation process is costly and technically challenging. Expertise and knowledge are required to install the LED swimming pool lights correctly.

3. Surface-Mounted Underwater Halogen Pool Light

If your budget is low and you want to increase the beauty of your pool with an underwater light, then choose it! They are easy to install and look good underwater. One of the advantages is that they are less expensive than the other types of swimming pool lights.

4. Pool Garden Lights

Same as landscape, they are used outside of your pool. The proper placement of these lights makes your swimming pool very beautiful.

5. Surface-Mounted Underwater LED Lights

The selection of these lights is good because of the ease of installation. They increase the beauty of your pool with their various features. However, surface-mounted underwater LED lights are easily broken. So, in the case of children, it is not the right option to choose because they use it to climb out of the pool.

6. Halogen Flood Lightening

These swimming pool lights has many benefits such as more brightness etc. It is very much affordable, and no extra steps are needed in the installation process. However, these lights are not long-lasting.

swimming pool light

7. LED Flood Lightening

Do you want to get more brightness around your swimming pool? If yes, then LED flood lighting is one of the best choices. It is very energy efficient. However, these swimming pool lights does not need a large amount of money. Its installation process requires an electrician.

8. Submersible And Floating LED Lighting

Do you want the stunning effect of your pool lights at parties? If yes, then choose it. Batteries and solar power are used to operate them. They have different types of shapes, sizes, and colors. According to your choice, they may float on the surface or be submerged inside the pool.

Poolking: The Right Place to Invest

Our underwater pool lights increase the beauty of your pool or fountain with the guarantee of quality. Poolking swimming pool lights are highly energy-efficient and consume less power. Furthermore, everyone wants to invest in swimming pool lights that are long-lasting. Well! Poolking fulfills this need well. Visit our site to get more knowledge about the Poolkings underwater best pool lights!

The Bottom Line

This post gives you an idea about 8 different types of swimming pool lights. All of them illuminate your pool and also increase the beauty of surrounding areas. It is complex to choose the right one. But keep in mind the pros and cons of each will make it easy to make the right decision. You may select more than one type to increase the beauty of your pool. Hopefully, now you are clear about the answer to your query!

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