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Do you see sand in your pool and wonder why your pool filter is blowing out sand? If you have a sand filter in your swimming pool, then it is a must that the filter should keep the sand in it. But things can get complicated if it starts throwing out the sand inside the pool. If that happens, then that means that your sand filter needs a fix. However, it is best to buy high-quality pool filters from Poolking as this will help you to avoid getting repairs often.


Are you wondering why is my pool filter blowing out sand? We have got the answer for you. Your pool filter may be broken. It might have cracked laterals or a broken standpipe. There could also be a broken seal that should be replaced or fixed. This guide will share the primary reasons why your pool filter is blowing out sand.


Reasons Your Pool Filter Blowing Is Blowing Out Sand

There can be various reasons why your pool filter is blowing out sand. We will highlight some of the most common reasons behind this problem. After identifying the problem, you can fix it. But it is essential to understand the problem before finding a fix. Here are some reasons why your pool filter is blowing out sane.  


This sand filter is a large tank that is filled with sand. This sand is much coarser than that regular play sand. The water enters the tank through an inlet at the top of the filter. It gets pulled downward, and all the purities are removed from your pool.


The water will enter the laterals right at the bottom of the tank. It enters through the miniature perforations and keeps the sand out. The filtered water then circulates into the swimming pool after the perforations are done. If this sand filter doesn’t function, you will see the sand in the pool. There could be two primary reasons for that.

pool filter


Reason 1: Shattered laterals


The pipes located at the bottom of the tank consist of clean water. This water comes from your pool's sand bucket. If there happens to be a crack on pipes or their joints, the sand and dirty water can reach your pool. This can result in cloudy pool water with a sand layer at the bottom.

The vertical pipe, called the standpipe, must be in good condition. It helps to carry the filtered water into the filter's laterals. The joint between the laterals inside the pipe can get broken. You may spot cloudy water with a sand layer around your pool if it has a crack. You must fix the joint which is between the lateral and the pipe.


The lateral and pipe joint must pull the sand in your pool. It is best to fix the lateral standpipe. If there are cracks inside the pipe, then it is time to fix them. The lateral and pipe system will keep the filtration system clean. Your pool filter system will keep on working correctly if you get the shattered laterals fixed.


Reason 2: Broken Seal

The sand filters help to keep the filtered water separate from dirty water. Additionally, it features several rubber seals. They are popularly known as washers. These washers are essential in sealing one joint to the other between the inlet, outlet, and standpipe. Similarly, the washer must deal with all the harsh chemicals, dirt, or debris. You must maintain the quality of your washers as they are very delicate. They usually tend to snap, break and leak with continuous functioning.

All the harmful chemicals and dust can corrode the washers. This is the reason why they break down faster than usual. Additionally, the broken washers will not filter the water properly and may cause a lot of difficulty for the user. When it doesn’t filter the dirty water, a lot of sand will blow out inside the pool.


How Can You Get Sand Out Of Your Pool Filter?

If you want to know to get rid of pool filter sand, follow these steps:

1. Drain Your Filter

When you want to drain the filter, make sure you turn off the circulation for the pool. Now is the time to remove sand in the filter pool with the help of a screw at the bottom.

2. Vacuuming The Filter

You need to turn off the multiport valve and cover the standpipe adequately. This process will prevent the sand from entering the pool. Users can keep the pool empty by using a wet or dry vacuum. It can take some time, especially if you have a filter of enormous size. A large filter has a capacity of 350 pounds.

3. Take Out The Manifold

You can start bending the laterals in a vertical position as this is the time to lift the standpipe. When you turn the laterals, it helps you pull out all the manifolds right from the filter. This will help you clean the manifold and detect a cracked or broken lateral. You can replace all the cracked laterals to keep everything going.

pool filter

4. Pour The Sand

As you will pour new sand, keep the standpipe in the center. You may need help from another person here.

5. Push The Assembly Into The Standpipe

You can now check the washer at the bottom of the multiport valve. You can change it instantly if there are any signs of wear and tear. It will be necessary to check each of the unions and lateral arms and screw them properly.

6. Backwash The Filter

The final step will be to backwash the filter, and it will be possible if you start the pump for a few minutes. Clearing out all the dust and debris away from the pool will be easy. After that, you have to adjust the control of the filter and rinse it properly. If the water doesn't seem clear, keep turning on the pump for more minutes.


Wrap Up

If your pool filter is blowing out some sand, some broken parts are the primary reason behind it. You need to check the problem and make sure you replace the faulty parts. It is necessary to check the amount of sand present in the filter. If you purchase a pool filter from Poolking, it offers a long life span and won’t create an issue.

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