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Swimming is one of the most popular exercises in the world. Did you know that swimming in contaminated water can make you sick? It is important to maintain your swimming pool well as this will allow you to keep your pool water clean from all kinds of contamination. Your swimming pool water should be properly filtered if you want to maintain the hygiene of your pool water. The combination of a fool sand filter and a pump can work wonders for your pool. Poolking is selling some of the best quality pool pumps and pool sand filters that will allow you to maintain the hygiene of your pool.  

What Is a Pool Pump?

The pool pump is the heart of the circulatory system of your pool. It allows you to pull the water from the pool and push it to other equipment to be heated and filtered. It also plays an important role in returning cleaner and warmer pool water.

What Is a Pool Sand Filter?

Sand filters come with a large tank. The tank is designed with fiberglass, metal, or concrete. Inside the tank, there is special-grade sand that is square-shaped. When the filter is turned on the pool pump sends dirty water using the filter’s inlet pipe. The water flows into the head located in the tank. This gravity brings the dirty water down through the sand. The sand helps to capture the debris or particles. The newly clean water then goes back to the pick-up unit through the outlet pipe.

pool sand filter and pump combo

Benefits of Pool Sand Filter and Pump Combination 

It is a great idea to use both a sand filter and a pool pump to keep your pool water clean. Here are some of the benefits that you can achieve with pool sand filter and pump combo:

1. Keeps Your Pool Clean

The combination of a sand filter and pump allows you to keep your pool water clean. There are times when the cartridge filter lets in the large pieces of dirt to re-enter the pool. This is why it is a great idea to use the best quality pool pump and sand filter to maintain hygienic pool water.

2. Low Cost

A sand filter and pump combo allow you to maintain your swimming pool at a low cost. If you have already spent a lot of money to build a lavish swimming pool inside your property, then it is best to use both the filter and the pump. This will allow you to maintain your pool water which will result in easy maintenance of your pool water.

3. It Will Become Easier to Deal With Algae

Algae can quickly build up in your sand filter. This is why it is great to use a good-quality pool pump along with a sand filter. Sand filters can clean the pool water efficiently and effectively if you use both types of equipment. You just have to backwash the filter to clean the algae. Dirt and contaminants in the pool water can be dangerous for your health. You can fall ill if your pool water is not cleaned properly. This is why it is best to use both equipment at the same time to achieve your goals.

4. Low Maintenance System

The use of Sand filters and pump combo allows you to achieve a low maintenance system. To maintain your filter, you might need to backwash it often. Using a pool pump it will make it easier to filter all the debris out of the water quickly.

5. Huge Energy Savings

The use of swimming pool pumps and sand filters together allows you to achieve big energy savings. Saving energy is one of the best choices for every homeowner and commercial pool owner. It is great for your wallet and the environment alike. You can save money and energy because the motor spins at lower speeds. You can run the filter for longer hours each day at lower speeds. You can also program your pump and use the right speed needed.

pool sand filter and pump combo

6. Quiet Operation 

Pool sand filters can be noisy especially if they are required to do a lot of cleaning. By using a pool pump you can quiet down the operation. The debris is filtered through the sand filter easily and does not struggle to clean the water due to the heavy functioning of the pool pump. As a result, the pool cleaning procedure will create less sound. You will be able to do a much quieter operation by using the combination of both. The excessive motor noise can be unbearable and this is why it is a great idea to reduce the noise.

7. Better Water Filtration

The water circulation and filtration become effective with the combo of sand filter and pump. Water is filtered best when the process is done at lower speeds. It becomes easier to filter the water and trap the debris easily. Some fine particles return to the pool unfiltered. By using both the pump and filter you can make your filter work more efficiently. The water is always circulating and doesn’t get stagnant easily as well. It is important to filter your pool water on a regular basis as this will help you to maintain a hygienic pool condition.

8. Advanced Control Systems

The sand filter and speed pumps help you to control your pool's cleaning efficiency. Most standard pool pumps are controlled by a time clock. They are designed with a mechanical time clock, that allows you to change the settings of the pump. Using a pool sand filter and the pump will allow you to clean the water by using the latest technology. Both the systems are also have their compatibility with automation systems and help you to control the pool water easily.


There are endless benefits of the pool sand filter and pump combo. If you want to maintain a healthy and safe swimming pool, then it is best to use both a pool pump and a sand filter. The good news is that you can purchase premium quality pool filters and pumps from Poolking at the best prices.

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