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How to disinfect swimming pool water?


The two parts of the physical method and chemical method are indispensable for the swimming pool water treatment process. The physical method is the circulation filtration
through the sand filter. The chemical method uses chemical medicament to kill bacteria and algae in the water to protect human health.


The disinfection of swimming pool water should generally meet the following requirements:

1. The disinfection method must have a strong sterilizing effect and can quickly and massively kill bacteria, which means eliminating 99.9% of microorganisms within 30 seconds;
2. The sterilizing effect should have a reasonable duration, and the new pollution that the swimmer bring into the pool is effectively controlled;
3. Don’t irritate the swimmer's skin and do not cause bad odors in the air;
4. It should be easy to control the dosage,and should test the content  and effect quickly.
5. The economic method is chlorine disinfection ,but it is harmful for swimmers. Now Poolking has three types of salt chlorinator, Salt chlorinator applied advanced micro-computer technology and customer oriented design, to provide the most energy saving and environmental friendly method to sanitize small and medium pools.


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