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Many pool owners are not sure how long to run their pool filter after shocking the pool. It is a question a lot of pool owners want an answer to and this post will be helpful for all of them. A pool filter should be run for a minimum of 6 hours after shocking a swimming pool. It is important to filter the pool to clean the water.

Running the filter after shocking for 24 hours is necessary if your pool has a large number of algae. Running your pool filter is important after shocking, but certain situations can change how long you need to filter your pool after shocking it. Poolking is selling the best quality pool filters that will allow you to keep your pool water clean and tidy. 

Why Run Pool Filter After Shocking

Running your pool filter after shocking is an essential step as this will help to keep your pool looking great and safe. Pool filter systems need to be run for two reasons after shocking your pool:

· It helps to circulate and distribute the pool shock.

· Running a pool filter also helps to keep the pool water clean. You will also be able to clean the pool’s water by running the filter.

· Allowing a minimum of 6 hours will help with the circulation of the shock. The pool water is distributed evenly throughout the pool by running the pool filter. 

· The cleaning and filtering of the water can vary depending on how dirty your pool is. 

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What if the Pump Isn’t Run Long Enough?

If you don’t run your pool pump long enough after shocking:

· The shock will not mix properly inside the water.

· Cloudy or milky pool water is not safe. 

· The pool water turns green and algae are spread all over the pool.

· This will increase chances of recurring algae.

· If you fail to run your pool filter after shocking, then this can result in the added chlorine not being able to circulate properly around the pool water.

· When the chlorine doesn’t circulate the pool, it will not be able to disinfect all the water. Pool sand may remain cloudy and full of bacteria if the pool filter is not run properly.

Chlorine that sits for too long in the same area could stain your pool. If you don’t run your pool filter after shocking, it could result in staining the pool water. Ground swimming pool with dead algae and other bacteria and debris will not be filtered out of the water properly. If the pool water isn’t filtered it will result in cloudy pool and potential bacteria and algae.

How to Find Out How Long to Run Your Pool Pump After Shocking?

The cartridge pool filter after shocking depends on the level of algae or dirtiness of the water in the pool. The dirtier the pool, the longer it will be to run the filter. Filtering for long enough can play a major role in getting your pool water clear. The chemical balance is also as important.

The best way to find out if you have run the filter for long enough then it is best to keep an eye on the pool. The color and appearance of the water can be a great indicator to know how long a pool filter needs to be run. It will start looking clear again when you are done filtering the pool water.  

Which Filter Setting You Should Use After Shocking?

It is important to know which filter setting you need to use after shocking your pool. The Filter setting is the best setting to use. The diatomaceous earth of the pool water after shock can make the pool water dirty and contaminated. 

The Filter setting is the filter position that you use every day. When you are shocked and running on a Filter the algae or debris passed through the filter and gets caught. As a result, you will be required to clean your pool filter often. 

If you want extra clear water, you can choose to use a clarifier after finishing the shock treatment. The clarifier will clump all the particles and will make it easier to filter the water. This will result in clear water.  

Is It Possible to Use “Recirculate” Filter Setting After Shocking?

You can run your filter on Recirculate setting. This will allow you to bypass your filter and efficiently circulate the chlorine all through the entire pool. Recirculating is great to use if there are large amounts of debris or algae inside the filter. The recirculating setting will make it easy for the shock to mix quickly and start working again.

It is a great idea to use this setting only when you need to circulate and mix the pool shock. Running the filter on this setting for 6 hours will allow you to mix the shock properly in the water. You can later switch to the filter position and filter out the debris to start cleaning the pool water. This will help to maintain a hygienic environment of the pool.

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Should You Clean the Filter or Backwash After Shocking?

It is important to clean your pool filter or backwash it if there are algae inside the pool water. If the pool is particularly dirty after shocking it is a good idea to brush the sides of the pool and clean all the algae and debris. A high-quality clarifier is a great product that allows you to move the larger particles to the filter. It will make it easier for you to keep the pool water clean and clear.


Running your pool filter after shocking your pool is just as important to the pool as shocking is. It is important to run your filter for at least 6 hours, and shoot for 24 hours to several days, if the pool water is dirty. If you want to keep your pool water clean it is best to buy a premium quality pool filter from Poolking

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