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  • High Pressure Fiberglass Filter

Water filter from diameter 200~1500mm,6kg working pressure,Volume from 11.5~2588L. MOQ:20 units

Model: PF sereis
Type:   Pool Filter
Usage:   Wate Treatment
Motive Force:                 Pressure
Style:   Vertical
Perfromance:                 Efficient Filtration
Dia:   200mm-1500mm
Trademark:   Poolking
Origin:   China
HS Code:   8421219990
MOQ:                            20



  • 1. Adopt high-performance material to satisfy customer’s different application.
  • 2. Apply to water feeding and sewage water treatment, Chemical, Eletronic, Petrolem, Food etc.
  • 3.Ø150mm-Ø900mm filters are made of PE blow molding inner tank with fiberglass.
  • 4. Ø1000mm-Ø1500mm filters are made of PE rotational molding innertank with fiberglass.
  • 5. Above Ø700mm filters are specially equipped with destruction of negative pressure device.
  • 6.Strong ability of pressure - bearing.


  • 1. Maximum working pressure: 600kpa/87psi/6.0bar.
  • 2. Factory Testing Pressure:900kpa/130psi/9.0bar.
  • 3. Maximum Water Temperature: ≤49°C.
  • 4. Max Vacuum: 127mmHg.
  • 5. Filtration Media:silica sand, activated carbon, etc.


  • *swimming pool and spa
  • *aguiculture
  • *industrial water treatment.


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