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Sand can be an entertaining part of swimming, especially at the beach or cottage. However, sand is not a desirable thing in your pool. Are you noticing the sand going into pool from filter? It indicates that something is wrong with the filter. If you have a sand filter, the source of sand is not difficult to find. When you don’t have a sand filter and notice all the sand coming in, the reason can be yellow algae. Sometimes your swimming pool is located very near to the sand and this is why it is entering inside.

Why Sand Going Into Pool From Filter?

Whenever you see sand going into the pool, it will leave to clueless. The first idea to solve this mystery is that there must be a problem with the filter. When you find a lot of sand in your pool it means that a component of the sand filter is broken. Your filter doesn’t function properly anymore. Here is what you need to check:

1. Broken filter parts

If something has cracked or broken inside the sand filter, you will notice a lot of sand in the pool.

2. Standpipe

The sand filter features a standpipe that is right at the center. This pipe is manufactured with strong and durable plastic. However, there is a chance that it can crack at any point, causing sand going into pool from filter. At the top side, this pipe is connected with a multi-port valve. While at the bottom it is connected to the laterals.

pool sand filter

How Can You Fix a Broken Standpipe?

It can be challenging to find out what happened to the broken standpipe. There is a chance that the filter was moved and it deteriorated the working of the standpipe. When the heavy weight of sand comes inside, it can even crack the laterals.

Moreover, if your filter is old or worn out, it is best to get it replaced at the right time. No matter what the problem is, you can fix them or replace the entire filter right away. When the filter of the pool is functioning properly it will prevent sand from coming.

Most commonly the laterals crack or break, while the standpipe is more durable. However, pool owners should be ready to replace both of them in case of an issue. You shouldn’t try to fix everything yourself as it can lead to more damage to the pipes. And cause more sand going into pool from filter. Only a professional can handle all the problems safely and efficiently. They will start with replacing the broken pieces inside the filter and you can add more sand later.

How to Remove Sand From the Pool?

If you notice that the sand filter doesn’t work properly there will be a lot of sand inside the pool. It can be a headache to take care of millions of grains of sand in the water. You need to take an action before things get more problematic. Here are some steps that you can take:

 · Use a pool brush to push all the sand from one area to the other.

 · You can set the multi-port valve of the filter, it will help you vacuum the sand back inside the filter.

 · Some people try to vacuum the pool manually but it can be tough to handle.

 · The first thing is to test and balance the water by testing it with a stripe.

 · If you need to add any chemicals it will not be a bad idea.

Broken Branch Pipe Causing Sand Going Into Pool From Filter?

The laterals are present inside the sand filter tank. It helps to pour water into the sand right from the top. However, these laterals can make their way down through the sand, if it doesn’t work properly. You will notice that it can take debris and contaminants away from the water. When it reaches the end of the water, you will notice transparent water coming back into the pool.

Pool owners will like to see only water inside the pool and none of the sand. To make sure that your sand filter works best, take care of the laterals. They are present at the end of the filter and must function well.

Due to some reason, if the laterals crack, it can cause sand going into pool from filter. You will notice a large amount of sand inside making things tough to handle. In this situation, you will have two problems to fix. One is to fix the filter while the other is to take the pool out of the sand.

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Sand Filter?

If you notice an unusual substance inside the pool, it will look like sand. When you don’t live near a beach, sand can't get into your swimming pool. In this situation, it is a sign of another problem. Your pool is suffering from yellow algae, also known as mustard algae.

pool sand filter

It is necessary to test it by using a brush and moving it a little. If it disappears into the cloud, most probably it is the algae. You need to follow some steps to get rid of this algae. However, if you cannot handle it yourself, try talking to an expert.

If your pool is suffering from mustard algae, it indicates a new problem. The chemical balance of your pool is out of order and you must fix it right away. When the balance is not in order it can exhaust the sanitizer and throws away all the necessary chemicals. You can use an automatic cleaner to keep the sanitizer working efficiently.

Conclusion: Keep the Sand at the Right Place

If you notice a lot of sand inside the pool there is a problem with the sand filter. It is best to fix the sand filter and enjoy the perfect swim in clean water. Otherwise, the sand going into pool from filter, and the more the sand goes inside the pool, your work will only get harder. Do you want to purchase a new sand filter? Look no further and check the collection at Poolking.

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