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Today we talk about prime pool pump. A pool pump is a major equipment that functions in your pool filtration system. It will keep the water moving and will help to remove all the dirt and debris to filter out. The pool pump is responsible to filter out your pool chemicals and helps to do the job effectively.

Without a functioning pool pump, your pool water can become stagnant. Water bugs and mosquitoes will gather in the pool and the algae will flourish. A prime pool pump works efficiently and will keep the filtration process active.

Keeping your pool pump functioning will help you in maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool. it is important to know how to prime your pool pump as this is crucial to avoid costly repairs and replacements of your pool pump.

How Pool Pumps Work? 

A pool pump is equipped with a motor that continuously moves water through your filtration system. It is filled with water at all times. When the pump is operated dry, it can burn out the motor and will require you to get a replacement.

If a pump is operated dry, then it will lead to building up the heat. This will melt the pump and possibly heat the plumbing fixtures. The more damage it does, the more you will need a repair. You can avoid running the pump dry by priming it before use.

What Does It Mean to Prime Pool Pump?

A pool pump can get pockets of air trapped inside. When it is operating full of water it can cause a lot of issues. The closed-down pool or a re-opened for the season can get air inside the pump. It is important to blow out the lines with water to ensure that the air is replaced with water. This process is called priming the pump.

The process is pretty simple. You prime your pool pump when powered off. Priming your pump helps to remove as much air as possible and fills the system with water to replace it. If you are facing any trouble getting the pump primed, then the best solution is to add more water.

Adding the water directly to the pump basket is most recommended. You can also water through a skimmer. If you have tried everything and the pump will not prime, it might be time to buy a new pump.

Why You Should Prime Pool Pump? 

Most pool pumps can cost hundreds of dollars. It is an expensive item but is necessary to maintain a swimming pool. However, it is not equipment that you would want to invest in frequently or unnecessarily.

Priming your pool pump can help you to ensure that you are not accidentally operating the pump dry. It can be a disaster to operate a dry pool pump as this can lead to mechanical failure for your pump. This can also cause damage to surrounding fixtures. These devices can run when they are full of water perfectly.

Priming your pool pump is an easy process that helps with removing any trapped air in the pump. It makes sure that the pump is filled with water before operating the pump. Failure to properly prime a pool pump could burn the pump motor. Pool owners should safely and properly prime their pumps before they operate them.

Steps to Prime Pool Pump

Priming your pool pump is an essential thing to do if you want your pool pump to run efficiently for years to come. It is important and is relatively a simple task. Many people don’t have any idea about the steps to prime their pool pump. Here we break down some easy steps for priming your pool pump.

Pool Pump

1. Turn off the pump

Although your pump is probably already off it is important to check that it is completely off when you start to prime it. It is important to ensure that the power button is truly in the off position. You must disconnect the power from the unit completely to avoid any risks. Anytime you work with water and electricity, it is important to take additional safety precautions before you begin your task.

2. Switch to the recirculate mode 

The multi-port valve on your pump must be set to recirculate the water. This will ensure that your water is brought directly into the pump. You must recirculate it back into the pool to get the best results. In the recirculate setting, the water in the pool pump will bypass the filter and will go directly into the pump. This will ensure that there is water in the pump.

3. Release air

Relieve excess air pressure inside the lines. It can be done by opening up the air relief valve located on the top of the filter.

4. Clean out the pump basket

Prime pool pump. It is important to remove any debris that is collected in the basket. You must rinse it with a hose properly as this will help with cleaning out the pump basket. Inspect for wear and tear and all the replaced parts like o-rings when needed.

5. Fill the pump basket

You can use a garden hose to fill the pump basket. This process must be done slowly and efficiently. After you are done you must put the lid back in place. Once you are done filling up the pump basket make sure it is tightened. This will ensure that the air release valve is open.

6. Check the water flow to your pump

Water must consistently flow within thirty seconds. If there is no consistent flow, turn the pump back off and you must repeat the previous steps. Thoroughly check all your hardware for wear and tear. Once the water flows, close the air pressure to release the valve.


The pool pump is a necessary and often expensive piece of pool equipment. It moves the water through the filtration system and helps to filter out debris. It is a must-have equipment for every pool owner. You can check out premium quality pool pumps from Poolking and keep your swimming pool clean and hygienic. A prime pool pump will work for years and will not require any repairs.

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