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POOLKING's 14th anniversary

Yesterday is the 14th anniversary of POOLKING company,  and we have many activities to celebrate the POOLKING's birthday.  and we had prepared lots of  prize to every worker of POOLKING, so they counld not only enjoy the day and forget about the busy work, but also get some prize to cheer them up.
At that day we all were having fun but we did not forget the job, because the customer always on the top of ours list.  what a surprise we  have two customer choose to visit our company on the POOLKING's birthday. After we finished  the work , we invrited them to join us and play the game together. Even we did not say the same language, but we could still share the happy moment and it would be the unforgetable momory for every single one.
At night, we  had dinner and finish the wonderful day with a delicious big meal.
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